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Thesaurus for maxxie

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for maxxie

Often times, slang a sexual act that involves thrusting your fist into someone's anus. Often times, it can mean anything from being a whore, anal sex, sucking multiple cocks at once (ololol) and overall, being a fat assed otaku.
Person 1: Dude, I just gave my girlfriend a Maxxy!
Person 2: I feel sorry for her anus.


Person A: Dude, my girlfriend pulled a Maxxy.
Person B: Well, she was a whore anyways bro. Let's go eat some tacos.
by Akihiko September 23, 2010
(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.
by hux May 22, 2003
Short for "Maximilian", a russian name meaning "Large Penis."
"they dont call him max(Maximilian) for nothing!"
by The Van Man May 29, 2006
when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool.
like tony the tiger from Frosted Flakes.
Man i just got a new car that shit is so tony.
by Tonythe Tiger May 20, 2008
In "Arabic" means "Brilliant," "The Brightest," "Illumination," "Light," "Enlightenment."

Name in other languages: "Lumiere" (French), "Hikari" (Japanese).
Anwar is a genius and a gift from God.
by Cunnning Linguist February 06, 2011
Beautiful, but they never admit it. They are very vulnerable, and they fall into peer-pressure often. Sweet, but they can be mean if provoked. Most tend to fall in love with the wrong people, and are very flirtacious. Their laughs are amazing, and they give great hugs.
Awe she's really cool. She must be a Cassie!

by FerRealMayne March 17, 2009
A kid who is always up to party and have a good time
Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.
by 123cjm January 01, 2008
the most popular opening move in chess where the pawn immediately in front of the king moves two spaces forward.

it immediately gains control of the center and also frees the queen and king's bishop. at the same time, it places a pawn on an undefended square and weakens d4 and f4.

a response of 1...e5 results in an open game.
bobby fischer rated 1. e4 best by test
by anonymous^X January 11, 2008
a total hottie
thats effy
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
being minxy
sussing talent shows, being a minxy jal
by hopefulqueenjal May 29, 2011