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Thesaurus for mannes

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for mannes

Anything contemporary.
Alicia Keys,Amerie,and Nivea are new school.
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
a protesant, especially Anglican, minister
"In the meadow we can see a snowman. Let's pretend that he is Parson Brown."
by ScottX September 11, 2006
Hogwarts, but with eight houses.
It was The New School First Year Sorting.

An Asian girl in a sleek, black coat she made herself put on the hat and sat down. A moment's pause -

"PARSONS!" shouted the hat.

A boy lugging a huge cello and large stack of sheet music (containing his own compositions, of course) came next.

"MANNES!" shouted the hat again."
by UnionSquarez August 08, 2009
A school located in New York that focuses on liberal arts.

To go to this school you must:
- Smoke
- Whine about politics without doing anything
- Know at least one hipster
- be able to use the word 'gentrification' in a sentence
- try to look different, ie look like everyone else at the school
- be pathetically PC
- be liberal
- extra points if you're gay

see also liberal arts, New York, intelligent slackers
Eugene Lang is a great school, but is nothing like the real world.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005
A cookie made by Petridge Farm
These Milano Cookies are fucking awesome!
by Artie Milano November 28, 2005
A phrase used by College Republicans to declare their right to say and write stupid things in class and still get good grades.
I wrote all about the Iraqi - al-Qaeda connection for my term paper and got a D! The professor is a LIBERAL! What happened to academic freedom?
by SmStudent April 16, 2008
located on 150 W 85th St.; a conservatory of music attended by musicians who did not get into Eastman, Julliard, or MSM; population consists mostly of Asians and pretentious teachers and students professing a love for the academia of music over the music itself
The homeless violinist, while playing for thankless travellers on the A train remembered his glory days at the Mannes School of Music.
by Chaseface April 23, 2005