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Thesaurus for man vinegar

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for man vinegar

Gooch, A.K.A. "grundle" is the area that attaches ones sac to ones ass-hole.
When i play sports, i have to powder my gooch to prevent extreme amounts of irritating sweat.
by Zack Fienberg January 15, 2003
5715 1959
The end part of the colon that connects to the anus. This is where your dick goes when you fuck some chick (or dude for those that swing that way) up the ass.

Also an insult. Calling someone an ass pipe is much worse than calling them an asshole.
As i was tappin' my bitch's ass pipe she really started to hollerin'

You are such an ass pipe!
by dashiznit November 04, 2004
60 7
The peice of skin between the vagina and anus.
You look a bit pale today mom, yeah your dad crosed biffins bridge last night .
by Andrew Summers August 07, 2002
165 76
to shove it up the bum bum instead of the pee pee when there on the blob
If the river runs red take the dirt track instead
by dave February 15, 2005
45 13
The area between your ball sac and your butt hole.
If you took a shit in the woods and whiped your ass with a stick, you might get sap on your gouch.
by Mike Hawk March 17, 2003
770 257
When a female sweats uncontrollably (even when no apparent physical activity has taken place), it can be said that she has mansweat.
Girl: OMG why am i sweating so much?

Guy: I'm afaid you have a serious case of mansweat... sucks to be you.
by wrecking ball 101 August 25, 2011
0 0
term used to describe vietnamese people that try to act black. short for viet n(word) its slang like wigger is a white boi trying to be black
stop actiin black u vinegar.
DAmn vinegars make us look bad
by E.T. M March 20, 2005
74 50