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Thesaurus for mamma's boy

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for mamma's boy

1. Boyfriend or girlfriend
2. Word used to scare people
1. Can you handle me? If you can't you ain't gonna be my boo.

2. Guy: BOO!
Guy 2: Holy sh*t!
by Antony June 08, 2004
The most probable outcome after your girlfriend finds you playing hide the sausage with her sister.
by Swampy August 22, 2003
A support plan for a parent (always the father regardless of the situation) to help with expenses of their children after divorce. Unfortunatly, it is based on laws written when mothers could not enter the workforce, and had no way to provide for their children. It is necessary for parents that do not have joint custody, but these days with split (50 - 50) custody, women are still awarded child support, for some unknown reason, and still bitch about it on a daily basis. Along with their Alimony payment, its a potential windfall taking a year or so to plan out. Generally, a child support seeker does this multiple times and ends up having 6 kids from 3 different fathers, and no longer has to work. Of course she is still unhappy, wonders why she is alone, and how did she manage to pick three losers in a row??? To help with her self esteem issues, she refers to the ex towards her children as dead beat dad!. This makes her feel superior, influences the kids (until they get older and realize mom was never anything more than a life support system for a pussy in the first place and never really contributed anything to society other than helping stimulate the economy with someone elses money.) As time goes on, and child support and Alimony payments dry up, they are forced to attempt to enter the work force again, only to find that you can't get a job that pays you to do nothing but bitch and sit on that ever expanding ass watching soap operas all day. Their job experience consist of working at Mc. Donalds when they were 16, and a professional waste of life from the date of marrige to present.
Ex Wife: I need some extra money for the kids Dr. Appointment this week.
Ex Husband: I dont understand. I have the exact same expenses you do, we share the kids 50 - 50, and I pay you child support and alimony on top of that. Then I have to split all medical bills too.
Ex Wife: You are such a piece of shit! Your a loser!
Ex Husband: You are getting all the money from me that you are going to get!!!!
Ex Wife: Why wont you work with me on this? Im trying to communicate with you?
Ex Husband: Sounds like you need to get married and divorced again so you can get even more of a free ride! You have 5 kids, 2 ex husbands and an ex boyfriend, dont have a job, and are a waste of carbon!!!
Ex Wife: Sob, sob, sob. Blah, blah, blah.
Ex Husband: Gotta go get ready and pack for my vacation with my kids and my new hootche mama. Do you wanna talk to the kids?
by Mr. Response February 15, 2006
someone who will cry over the smallest thing out of self pity
Grow some balls you fucking crybaby.
by Light Joker March 23, 2006
let it hurt.

don't fight it, let the pain of loss hurt, even though you want that person back so much that it hurts to even think of them.
Jus listen to the words in the song, that's ya example.
by D.G.X. October 02, 2004
It's the shortened version of the word "mami." Used in refrence to a female, generally one held in higher esteem than the average chickenhead.
Can also be used as a nickname for one's mother.
Female: Damn boy you fine as hell!
Male: Thanx ma...
by EXPLIZIT October 10, 2005
A video game that causes obsessive behavior.

The reason some girls don't get any sex.

"So did you finally get some last night?"
"No he wanted to play stupid madden!"
by Bunnyball December 22, 2006
A African male who knows that he has a huge penis that can hit all night and keep a female comin back fo more
that mandingo work it out on me and when he was done ... i came back fo more like a junky fo drugs!!!
by Lea J. April 22, 2004
n. act in which all the intelligent women of the world will finally unite as one, gather all the sorry niggas* up, set them on fire, and like Usher said Let it Burn

*sorry niggas include, but are not limited to:
1. Niggas who don't pay child support
2. Niggas with 4 childern and 5 baby mommas
3. Any nigga who refers to his child or childrens MOTHER
as "baby mama"
4. Broke, won't get a job cause I gotta play Madden, and
kick it with my boys Niggas
5. Little dick niggas that don't even
try to get you off just happy to
have you there(also big dick
niggas who feel like you owe them
something for them have a mandingo

6. Niggas who SWEAR they will call you back then "fall
asleep" for like 3 or 4 DAYS and shit
7. Thumb sucking niggas
8. Any nigga that would EVER put his hands on you and hit
you(except for the occasional ass smack, cause that's
9. Mamma's boy type niggas
10. Niggas who in anyway insult your intelligence
11. A lynin ass nigga
12. A ingnorant, proud to be dumb nigga
13. Niggas intimidated by beautiful, charming, intelligent,
sensitive, having the ability to change your own oil or
pump your gas, females
14. Smelly niggas
15. Desperate, playing on the phone niggas
16. I promise I don't love her anymore we just friends, but
be calling that bitch once a day to see what's up niggas
17. "Your homegirl came on to me," niggas
18. Won't take you nowhere, not even to the park niggas
19. Can't hold down a friendship niggas
20. Call you "shorty", "boo", "ma"..etc. because they
scared they might say some other girls name niggas...
Lesi T Bear: I'm so tired of this sorry as niggas
Kay T Bear: I know right, we need to have a nigga holocaust, Yo!
by Jessie T Bear March 28, 2007