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Thesaurus for lowshark

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for lowshark

To pull a girl's panties down in public, usually when she's wearing a short skirt. Very popular in Japan.
Did you see that sharking video from Japan? That girl was pretty shocked but everyone saw her ass!
by Douglas Goldstein February 17, 2005
Pulling down an unsuspecting girl's top and/or bra, exposing her breasts. Best done in a public place for maximum shame factor
I went topsharking at school today, and the freshman chick squeaked while all the senior guys watched her big bare boobies bounce.
by el duderino of springfield February 06, 2008
It is one of the forms of the art known as "Japanese Sharking". "Topshark" refers specifically to form of it where someone(the shark) pulls down an unsuspecting girls top, exposing her breasts, while an accomplice videotapes the event.
I saw that video on the internet the other day where that girls was totally "topsharked" and her boobs where completely exposed to the public!
by topshark March 05, 2007
The best damn things since peanut butter.
They bounce and jiggle and warm and squishey! Boobies, the most wonderful things of all.
by Bryan Cook February 27, 2003
things that guys like to play with
excuse me, can I touch your boobs?
by D-nutz January 11, 2003
The action made popular in Japan, in which one person holds a hidden camera and another, usually masked, coordinate to; 1) pull an unsuspecting woman's shirt down exposing their breast or; 2) lift an unsuspecting woman's skirt and pulls down their underwear in a public place with the sole purpose to film and embarrass the women.
A man runs up to a woman in the street and rips down her shirt while his friend films the Japanese Sharking.
by Draven99984 July 18, 2008
when somebody runs by an attractive girl and raises up her skirt to reveal her underwear or (in the event she isn't wearing underwear) her ass and/or pussy
Bill:I lowsharked jenny the other day and she wasn't wearing any panties!
Mark:Nice dude, high five!
by sscatcher54 March 04, 2008
The act of stabbing someone with a shank. Comes from the word shank which is a crude knife usually made in prison, a homemade knife-like weapon usually made from a spoon.
You better watch out or else he'll be shanking you.
by N/A December 13, 2003