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Thesaurus for levels of friendship

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for levels of friendship

1. Boyfriend or girlfriend
2. Word used to scare people
1. Can you handle me? If you can't you ain't gonna be my boo.

2. Guy: BOO!
Guy 2: Holy sh*t!
by Antony June 08, 2004
a southern slang for light skinned blacks
Mr. Smith prefers us buttermilks to the dark skinned blacks.
by MACHINE December 02, 2002
The third level of friendship between 2 friends;
At this level they can eat Jack in the Box buttermilk sausage sandwiches with eachother, without the need of presence by any other, usual tag-a-longs.

• level 1: becoming friends; usually through other friends
• level 2: when one friend is able to sit shotty during the absence of the other's boo
• level 3: (see above)
CAITLIN: we've never had lunch together, just the 2 of us
CONNOR: Let's eat buttermilk sausage sandwiches!
CAITLIN: This is a new step on the ladder of our friendship
CONNOR: yes. me and you are now buttermilk buddies...it's the third level of friendship.
by Caitlin Perry January 13, 2007
Female masturbation.
My mom can't make it to church today because they're showing a marathon of B.J. and the Bear reruns on tv. She's gonna be inside jackin' the box to Greg Evigan and his stupid monkey until she runs outta twat juice.

That crazy bitch needs to take herself some Xanaps. Have you ever heard of such fucktardation in your life? Oh excuse me...I just performed a manual release. Better hold yer breath, just in case this one is an anal apparition.
by hecktor dangus May 27, 2009
Derived from the word "shotgun" where the person who calls it gets the front seat in the car. Instead of using this only on driving in a car the word may be used to call "dibs" on something or doing something first. Also can be used as "shotty not" where it gives rights to a person not doing a specific task.
1. John called shotty on getting the last piece of pizza.

2. Shotty not taking out the trash.
by Jordan Napoli June 28, 2005