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Thesaurus for landess

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for landess

short for cleveland, ohio. a nick name as in da land.

other cleveland nick names are:
Desmond: I was born and raised in ATL. Where you from shawty?
Ricky: I was born and raised in dha land dude.
Desmond: Where is that?
Ricky: Cleveland, Ohio.
by Creativity Productions June 30, 2009
a hot chick which every guy wants
delia is so sexy!
by Dessy September 14, 2008
When something is shit or when a situation sucks
her swag is dess

dude: yoo is she good in bed?
friend: naw she's dess
by YungToronto January 18, 2012
1. Any sort of God, deity, or anything that is worshipped and is female.

2 A woman who is so beautiful, brilliant, and wholesome that she is simply not like any other women on Earth and therefore possesses some sort of uncommon spiritual element that while is cannot be solidly defined it is clearly present.
Sarah is amazing, she is a true Goddess.
by visibleink March 24, 2006
cantonese exclamation which can be added after every single sentence
so cute la/ okay la/ bye la
by jun February 21, 2000
An acronym that means "Local Area Network" but is more often seen as "LAN Party" which is a gathering of geeks/computer gamers for the sole purpose of gaming and exchanging gigantic numbers of files.
So you think you can play in some shitty pub where you can ping rape everybody? Do it on LAN and then I might be impressed.
by Tank! June 27, 2004
The word LandE means Laney and Erik are the ment to be couple because they have the same personality and even want their own daughter to be nammed Brooklyn
Ally:WOW Laney and Erik love each other too much if you ask me.. Erik: Stfu ally you fucking pcp mother fucker say one more word I'll beat the fuck outa you kid so we equal LandE
by NUGBRADLEY September 14, 2008
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one, Michael J. Fox has a small one, Cher and Madonna don't have one, and the Pope has one but doesn't use it.
Everyone always spells my last name wrong.
by Mike the Ekim May 08, 2005