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1. a professional

2. professional

3. a prostitute
That guy is a real pro when it comes to baseball.
by Light Joker December 10, 2004
1) (n) something you play, usually a competitive activity
2) (v) to play a game (see def. 1)
3) (n) an animal that is hunted
4) (n) skill or ability in any game (see def. 1)
5) (int) short for "Game over!"
6) (n) a measure of smoothness with the opposite sex
7) (n) lines or moves you use to get the opposite sex into bed
8) (adv) a state of being willing to do something
9) (n) that thing from that movie "The Game"
1) Drinking Checkers is a shitty drinking game. Beirut is better.
2) I just went to Vegas and got fucked over by the gaming industry.
3) Yo' honor, I didn't mean to shoot that mothafucka in that gang war...I thought he was game, you know, like a deer or some shit.
4) Shaq lost to Aaron Carter in 1-on-1? Damn that fool must have no game at all.
5) 3-pointer at the's good! That's game!
6) You couldn't even get some from Line-em-up Liz? Cracka you must have no game.
7) I broke out the old "You must be from Tennessee" game on the bitch and it worked like a charm.
8) You want to go to the ball game, game at the casino, shoot some game, then work game on some bitches? I'm game.
9) Welcome to the game, Nicky. We're here to make
by Nick D March 14, 2003
Labels a weapon in KZL. It has become famous in the online scene for regular usage in pro-games, since it has been considered as best allround-weapon in KZL. It's also the one and only weapon that cannot be found in any supply depot on any map.
"Damn, I've accidently picked the shotgun, since there is nothing else left in the supply depot!" - "Well, what are you waiting for? kill yourself, NOW! It's M82-G only."
by hendo-e May 02, 2008
The annoying way that people from New York say "in line."
We stood on line outside Film Forum for three hours.
by Chrysanthememe April 27, 2011
1. PlayStation Portable: Sony's Handheld PlayStatio-*battery dies*
Hey, wanna play PSP? *disc read error* *UMD flies out*
by hi December 28, 2004
Describes a standard pro-rule for playing KZL online.

In a M82/Nades game, players are only allowed to play with the standard weapon M82-G and Grenades which implies that they must not use different weapons and/or remote mines.

US-Players created it to make online-gaming in KZL more balanced and fair.
Pro: "WTF, this game is labeled as M82/Nades, stupid n00b! Don't switch weapons!"
Noob: "..." (no reply, since noobs do not have mics usually)
by hendo-e May 02, 2008
The solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties. If the grenade doesn't get any action, then neither does anyone else.
"Come on man, take one for the team and jump the grenade"
by Amaris August 29, 2003
Kazle: social multi-tasking. to update, view, edit and aggregate all your social networks, blogs and gaming platforms from one place.
"I need to quickly notify all of my contacts and friends of what just happened, let me just kazle that."
by awesomeguy365 July 01, 2009
1) An area of terrain that is well defended, creating a killing ground for enemy troops

2) A good FPS game for PS2, that should not be compared to Halo as they are too dissimilar in style to be compared effectively. Halo takes a vastly different approach to the space opera genre to Killzone. While Halo decided to focus on fast-paced human vs alien combat with exotic weaponry, Killzone was designed to be a brutal and gritty human civil war in space, and it succeeds in creating a dark, post-apocalyptic atmosphere which is exciting, dramatic and thrilling in its own way.

i.e. stop saying that Killzone was/wasn't a halo-beater and just have fun!
"Killzone is visually amazing and the gameplay rocks harder than you dare dream" -OPS2 Magazine Issue 51 (October 2004)
by random Star Wars-liking person January 13, 2006

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