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Surprised many in the gaming and anime world.
KH is a collaboration between Disney, Disney Interactive and Square-Enix (know for their Final Fantasy series).

It is an RPG on the PS2, and you play a young boy named Sora, who is welder of a weapon called the "KeyBlade". Sora's home is destroyed and his friend (a cheerful red-head)named Kairi- is taken by a force called the "Darkness"

Sora is tossed into an adventure and is aided by the loveable Goofy (a knight), and short tempered Donald Duck (a wizard).

Together they are looking for a light to stop the darkness.

While Kingdom Hearts had a huge amount of critism from so "hardcore" gamers and anime watchers who say "i hate Disney"

Kingdom Hearts has proved them wrong and has become a loved game with a good fanbase. Its a game that has made its permanent mark in game history due to its sources.
"I've been having these weird thoughts lately...like...is any of this for real? Or not?"--Sora

Sora having premonitions before the destruction of his home.
by ki January 31, 2004
The studly blonde guy who is everyone's favorite Swede.
Wow did you see that guy? Yeah! He looks like such an Axel!
by awnnabel August 30, 2010
Number 9 of Organization XIII
Also known as the "Nocturnal Melody."

A blond fighting musician, Demyx uses a sitar as his weapon and controls the Dancer Nobodies. He does not enjoy fighting, but can control and combine water with his sitar for strong attacks such as making identical copies of himself out of water.

He is seen as immature compared to the other members and rather incompetent at completing missions. Initially, he is confused between Sora and Roxas, regarding the former as the latter in their conversations. Demyx first appears in the Underworld, where he plays around with Sora, not taking the young keyblade master seriously. Rather than making a repeat performance, Demyx changes his attitude when he fights Sora again at the Hollow Bastion. Unfortunately for Demyx, Sora defeats him again.

He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts II.
With his attacks, Demyx's abilities with his sitar far outweighs that of Dante and his Nevan weapon in Devil May Cry 3.
by Jusan Kikan February 02, 2006
KH2 is short for Kingdom Hearts 2, the up coming sequel which places our hero Sora back into the world of the Square and Disney meld with new characters and a new storyline.The release date as yet to be announced.
Dude, I can't wait for KH2!
by Oen December 24, 2004
KH is the simplified version of Kingdom Hearts. This is a very popular RPG for the Playstation 2 game console. All you have to know is: Disney characters, Square Enix, and addicting!
Fanboy 1: Holy crap! I just bought KH!
Fanboy 2: You mean Kingdom Hearts?
Fanboy 1: Geez, whatever! I still freaking got the game!
by Ashlee-chan July 18, 2006
A character from the Kingdom Hearts series.
(Spoilers included, information 70%-80% accurate, i still have yet to play the game)
Among fans of the KH series he was referred to as the BHK for the past 2 years, the game was released in japan a week or so ago and slightly before that his name was finally revealed to us, his name is an anagram of Sora (minus the X)

He is a member of Organization XIII, all members have an X in their name, which can also show how Roxas relates to Sora and the Organisation just through his name. He is a Keyblade wielder, and his ability to use the keyblade was givin to him when Sora temporairly became a Heartless in KH1. Roxas is the thirteenth member of the order and is also featured in the 'Deep Dive' movie shown at the end of KH: Final Mix, he is shown wielding two keyblades, the Oblivion and Oathkeeper, after fighting the heartless, he then rushes up the side of a building where he is aided by Riku, who after all the commotion then turns on Roxas and knocks him out.
The first member of the organization 'Xemnas' reveals Sora's existence to Roxas, causing him to leave the Organization
Roxas' memory was altered by Namine and he now resides in Twilight town, unable to recall his memories of being with the Organization.
Roxas is the Duel-Wielding Unknown in the movie "Another Side, Another Story" and "Deep Dive" from KH1 and KH: Final Mix.

Roxas' face was first revealed at the end of KH: Chain of memories, he was also suggested as the other side of Sora's heart in this game.

Roxas is the character you play as for the start of the game in KH2 and also an important character throughout the rest of the game.
by L'Ranne January 02, 2006
A fictional group of fictional humanoid creatures known as 'Nobodies' within the video game of Kingdom Hearts. They are beings without hearts, and have banded together in an attempt to get their hearts back. Each wear a black trenchcoat with a hood, and have a signature weapon and element. Whether they are 'evil' or not is up for debate. They lack hearts, and thus are incapable of feeling any emotions such as remorse.

Also, they are probably the only 'villains' (for lack of a better term) in history to have a bigger fanbase than the main characters. They're names are all anograms of their original names with an 'x' added.
Organization XIII is awesome.
by Gruntlord January 01, 2007
The main character of the greatest game on earth- Kingdom Hearts. However, compared to Riku, Sora can be very naive at times.
Riku: Sora, truth is, I have always been kinda...jealous of you..

Sora: What for? O.o?

Riku: (OMFG you retard, take a friggin guess...I mean, I get taken over by Ansem, manipulated by Maleficant, I had to TURN into Ansem just to save your sorry ass, while you are enjoying your beauty sleep. I NEVER EVEN RESTED AFTER OUR ISLAND GOT BLOWN UP!! Oh, and to top it off, Kairi loves YOU - NOT ME, you fucktard...can't you even take a hint?") ... I'm glad to have a friend like you...

Sora: ...same here...
by Guruji April 30, 2006
Yaoi is a slang meaning 'boys love' or homosexuality that is used in the japanese language. Popular with fangirls who like their favorite anime guys to kiss.
Damn, I need some good yaoi fan-fics!
by Francesca December 20, 2003
A Kingdom Hearts yaoi pairing between Xigbar and Demyx. While not half as popular as the well established pairs such as AkuRoku or SoraRiku, it does have a fair amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. It is typically seen as a crack pairing, due to the fact that over the course of Kingdom Hearts II Xigbar and Demyx have no contact with one another.

Where or why it originated it a bit obscure. It seems to make most sense that it originated from the popular theory the Demyx is one of the youngest members of Organization XII and Xigbar is the eldest. This is slightly akin to AkuRoku, seeing as Roxas is 15, and Axel is typically thought of to be an adult.

Another reason might be that Xigbar's voice carried the tone of a steriotypical 'surfer dude', while Demyx's element is water.
Person 1: I'm looking for some interesting crack pairs, can you think of any? I'm thinking maybe somthing with Demyx.

Person 2: Well there's always Zemyx, XemDem, and XigDem.
by Axel D. Coble November 06, 2007