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Kenny VS Spenny is a popular Canadian reality-comedy-competition television show. It is directed, and stars childhood friends Spencer Rice and Kenny Hotz. Each week the duo compete in outrageous competitions (like who can stay awake the longest, and who can drink the most beer) where the loser must face a humiliation (like the atomic wedgie, streaking through Downtown Toronto, or eating the other's toe-nails).

The show originally aired on CBC, but Kenny and Spencer felt that this restricted their ideas, because they wanted a show for an adult audience as opposed to a children's show (for such episodes like who can drink more beer). The show is currently on it's second season and has been bought by Showcase and airs Sundays at 930pm, and repeats on thursdays at 9pm.
Kenny Hotz: "Don't feel sorry for him - feel sorry for me for having to waste my time crushing him.""

Spencer Rice:"Kenny can characterize his shenanigans as “genius” and “fierce competitiveness” but in the end, it’s just cheating. And he cheats because he knows that if he competed fairly, he wouldn’t win. He’s nothing but a scared, insecure man-child. "

Kenny Vs Spenny is the best show ever.
by Kelly McCallum February 20, 2006
Spenny, as he's more commonly known as, is the co-star of the Canadian comedy hit, KENNY VS SPENNY. He is portrayed as stressed out, neurotic, short-fused, and paranoid. However, even though sometimes he lacks confidence, he really is just the common, intelligent man who represents good, and the battle versus evil (Kenny).

He is a purist who believes in good old fashion competition, and often consults specialists to help him in his contests. Although Kenny often cheats his way into winning most of the competitions, Spenny's nobel victories are that much sweeter.
Spencer Rice is a rolemodel for the male community.
by Kelly McCallum February 20, 2006
An acronym for National Socialist; from the German NAtionale soZIalist.
Refers to members of the National Socialist party, or anything to do with the National Socialist party.
"The Nazis" is much easier than saying "The National Socialist Party" in essays about 1930's Germany.
by Dave March 12, 2005
A subculture of racism, instead of classifying people by race, the facist judges people by how attractive he/she finds the face of other people. It is not to be confused with "fascist" which is extreme idiotic loyalty to an imaginary state which may or may not exist.
A: Dude, that guy is really cool.

B: No, i don't like how he looks, he must be dumb.

A: B, you are so facist.
by Adam Xiao July 02, 2007
The British version of Hot.
"dude that girl is fit!"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
I. One who is:

a. gorgeous
b. pretty
c. beautiful
d. cute
e. attractive

II. One who you would:

a. lick
b. suck
c. nibble
d. flirt with
e. have sexual relations with

III. One who makes you:

a. flip
b. crazy
c. nutty
d. pass out
e. drool
f. fantasize
g. (if girl) wet
h. (if guy) hard
i. masturbate
The intern in my history class is such a(HOT chick)hottie I get (if chick)wet / (if guy)hard just looking at her.
by Rosy April 19, 2003
1. Someone who practices Judaism.

2. Derogatory term for someone tight with their money or someone not very generous.
1. Kyle from southpark is a Jew

2. You jewish bastard, lend me a cig!!
by matt November 13, 2003
A great guy. Very capable of being a bestfriend. Easy to fall in love with. Super nice, defends girls when needed. Can talk to him for hours on end.
"dude, i talked to Kenny last night for 4 hours"

"You so love him"

"No hes just my bestfriend"

"Yeah, sure"
by Idkkkkkkkkkkkkkk January 28, 2009

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