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Thesaurus for keeping up with the kardashians

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for keeping up with the kardashians

The person who ruined 5 Seconds Of Summer's first ever introduction on international television.
"Guys I'm the worst reader" -Kendall Jenner
by juliathononn May 21, 2014
A chick who's famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.
Kim Kardashian is a total ho.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. May 30, 2008
Kourtney Kardashian is the older sister of Kim Kardashian, and is famous for being on Keeping Up With The Kardashians , a reality show following the Kardashian Klan. She also appeared in Filthily Rich Cattle Drive, a show where spoilt kids are put in the country and have to survive whilst doing challenges ( hilarious ) She has a boyfriend, Scott Dissick, a businessman who is known for his outlandish personality and sharp dressing. He and Kourtney Kardashian have a child together, Mason Dash-Dissick. Kourtney kardashian has also stared in two spin off shows of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. No-one really knows why all thenames start with K, but it is probably because of the surname beginning with K. Kourtney has two real sisters, Kim Kadashian, a reality star also and businesswoman, Khloe Kardashian, her younger sister, a reality star and socialite. She has one brother, Robert Kardashian, Dancing With the Stars star and reality star. She has three step-sisters, Kendall Jenner, model and reality star and Kylie Jenner.Her mother, Kris Jenner is her manager and her step-dad Bruce Jenner is there to push her! . She is half Armenian and appreciates her roots as she and her sisters have designed a jewelry range for Armenian designers. She and her sisters have also designed Kardashian collection, a quite nice range for budget store Sears.
Wow! There's Kourtney Kardashian! I wanna take a photo!

Guy: Wow, last night i saw Kourtney Kardashian on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and it changed my mind!

Guy 2: How?

Guy: Well they were just so funny!
by lollageduvet February 09, 2012
kylie jenner is the daughter of bruce jenner famous medalist in Olympics games. is a model and designer of "pac sun" very recognized .your sister is a kendall jenner(model) easily falls in love
Kylie jenner love animals
by Pedro pica piedrassc September 15, 2013
Olympian who got the ultimate prize- Not the gold medal, which he got, but to top it off, he got to be a Kardashian! Now how many Olympians can say that? Only one--- Bruce Jenner!
What is decathlon? No idea, but really... apparently that's what Bruce Jenner did before he got to be a Kardashian
by veggieswirl January 16, 2013
too much, over the top, extra,
"Paris Hilton has 17 dogs, now THAT'S excessive!!"
"You brought all those clothes for the grad trip?? Thats really excessive, especially since we're only here for 3 days!!"
"Adding that scarf to your outfit would make it more excessive then it already is!!"
"woah!!Your wearing an excessive amount of makeup!!"
by Britt A. June 22, 2008
other word for cool, nice, sexy
Dude, flashy pants you're wearing today!
by HuMaNbEiNg June 18, 2005
1. Synonymous with the word "bullshit."

2. Synonymous with the word "myth."

3. Synonymous with the words "drug addict; alcoholic."

4. Synonymous with a radio/TV host who spreads bullshit, myths, rumors, and a bunch of other random, nonsensical fuckery on a daily basis. Used to be an alcoholic and a drug addict.

1. David: Hey Doug, I heard some bad rumors about you at school.
Doug: Don't worry, it's a bunch of Glenn Beck.

2. In Ancient Glenn Beckology, there were stories of dragons and serpents. Note: I said STORIES.

3. A: Bill became a Glenn Beck, so he smoked pot until his brain stopped functioning.
B: Michael sure loves his booze, he must be an Glenn Beck!

4. Glenn Beck: Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program, my shit smells excellent.
by LOL BUTT SEHCS June 26, 2007
A show on MTV that reveals to the world why New Jersey residents hate Bennies. Unlike them, we don't say New Joizy or call it the Jersey Shore. It's either the shore if you live in Jersey, or if you're a local, the beach. The show features 8 guidos and guidettes. They have never been to the shore, and some of them have never even been to New Jersey. But to them, Seaside is Heaven on Earth. Watch as they get drunk, get laid, and trash Seaside Heights. While your at it, maybe you can learn a couple things about tanning, fist pumps and hair gel.
Kid: Hey man, did you watch Jersey Shore last night?

Other Kid: Hell yea dude, right after my tan. *FIST PUMP*
by Jersey Boy15 December 09, 2009
To fart and queef at the same time.
She was cute, but she could clear the dance floor with one kardashian.
by Hank TADD April 11, 2009