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Kansas City based rapper. Crazy beats, unbeatable flow, lyrics off the hizzle fo shizzle, and gangsta lifestyle make this mutha fucka one of the greats.
"If u got scraps, nigga get the fuck up. Throw yo hands up, if u hella fucked up einstein tech n9ne 2 triple zip, ladies with the bar codes meet me after this. WHO KEEPS THIS MUTHA FUCKIN HOUSE ON LIVE? WHO KEEPS IT SIZZLING WHO KEEPS IT HOT? KC ROLL!"
by Z-MONEY featuring kyle March 26, 2004
The act of being extremely drunk.
Brad was kaboshed at the bar last night.
by Meatball62230 August 23, 2006
the #1 independent record label in the worl. owned by the best rappper currently in the game (tech n9ne) and his buisness partner travis o'guin. current artist include tech n9ne himself, krizz kaliko, kutt calhoun, brotha lynch hung, jay rock, big scoob, and kinda sorta cognito. established in 1999 and will single handedly take over the industry in 20011-2012 because every artist signed to strange is better your billboard top 10 artists.
"have you ever heard of strange music?"
by matty boii January 16, 2011
The act of going out to the bar, getting nice and Irish before hitting up the nearest Pita Shop.

See also Falafelled
Sean: Hey Joe? You up for hitting the bar tonight?
Kat: We getting humassed?
Sean: Hells yeah!
by SS Wilson November 10, 2006
person who has no skills at halo
Bob: dude that guy just got owned

Jeff: yeah hes such a kaliko
by pmain October 08, 2008
used to defeat scissors in a game
aha! my rock beat your scissors!
by iamthelead January 23, 2005
to traverse from bar to bar and become progressively more intoxicated
"On his 21st birthday, John went bar hopping with Joe and was later admitted to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning."
by Justin July 31, 2005
When you have to hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the earth.
arrrrrrggggg! (like a pirate but in more pain)
by REV. Smitty February 24, 2005
Money. What we all live and die for.
"Ends. Some people would rob they mother for the ends.
Rats snitch on one another for the ends.
Sometimes kids get murdered, for the ends.
So before we go any further I want my ends." - Everlast "Ends".

"So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack. And once it hits his brain it starts to chain react."
by Dysfunction January 18, 2004
when a girl makes you cum when giving head or a handjob (although handjobs blow, and we can do a better job ourselves). Good girls always finish guys and swallow too, while mean girls leave the guys to finish themselves.
1) Man: "Ooooo. I'm gonna cum."
Mean girl: "Ok. Can we make out again?"
Man: "Why don't you finish me?"
Mean girl: "Gross."

2) Man: "Ooooo."
Good girl: "..."
Man: "I just busted one in the back of your throat."
Good girl: "I know. I liked it."
by Jako Kot April 24, 2008

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