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Thesaurus for jumbofame

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for jumbofame

A girl seen on the Jumbotron at a sporting event, especially a hot one, which is the type usually chosen for jumbofame since that's what the cameramen look for.
Wow, check out that jumbobabe! That's what live sports is really about!
by Funny Monkey Boy December 07, 2007
Any guy seen on the Jumbotron at a sporting event, especially the dorky ones. Often seen sporting ridiculous headwear or a painted chest in his favorite team colors along with a line of other jumbodorks. Good for a laugh, jumbodorks only appear on the Jumbotron when a jumbobabe isn't available.
There is no way I'm painting my chest for the game; I don't want to make my Jumbotron debut looking like a jumbodork!
by Funny Monkey Boy December 07, 2007
Something We all adore, something worth dying for, stuck in this game searchin' for fortune and fame

Fame is good to a certain extent, but the lack of privacy really sucks
by AC November 29, 2003
Someone, usually a jumbodork, who monopolizes or steals Jumbotron time (jumbotime) from an intended jumbotarget (jumbobabe, jumbodork) who is oblivious of their sudden jumbofame at a sporting event.
Look at that jumbobabe! She has absolutely no awareness of the crazy jumbohog/jumbothief behind her! How blonde can you get?
by Funny Monkey Boy December 07, 2007
The HUGE display screen typically found at sporting events. It shows game/player stats, scores, replays, advertisements, etc to the crowd.
Jumbotron is actually a Sony trademark name, but the word is used to refer generically to any gigantastic LED screens like it.
At a basketball court, the jumbotron might be about 11 feet wide, but in a football stadium, it'll probably be more like 33 feet.
by creaternity June 01, 2006
1.endearing term.
2.adjective used to describe a good looking girl, sometimes describes guys
1.Hey babe i missed you
2.All the guys think Melanie is a babe
by Dawn June 15, 2002
the most evil and revolting creatures ever to be placed on this foul wretched earth.
oh my god a clown is going to eat me (not like that you sick fucks)
by Fieldy November 28, 2003
Usually a wild chick who forthrightfully declares she gets off on doing it in public areas--and proceeds to "exibit" such.
A freshman student at the University of Chicago was taking a noon walk along the lakefront when she encountered, along the lake rocks, an exhibitionist serving one of the locals.
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007