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Thesaurus for jim gaffigan

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for jim gaffigan

1)anything that makes you laugh
2)the best medicine
3)what keeps everyone happy
Late Night with Conan O'Brien is one of the best comedy shows there is.
by Stephanie March 09, 2004
The best fucking skin color for white/asians in the world, makes a lot of girls a lot more attractive than they normally would be when they have it, providing they're mildly attractive in the first place. Can also make girls look worse, but the good outweighs the bad.

In Hong Kong, China, it's looked upon as a status symbol to have milky white skin, sometimes in Japan too. Women buy skin whiteners to have their skin whiter, and go to lengths to have white skin. It's like the opposite of the USA.

In the USA, it's looked down upon for whatever reason, probably the influence of pop culture. A scrawny tanned boy is seen as innocent, where a scrawny pale boy is looked down upon heavily in the USA by some people.

Pale skin was also looked upon as beautiful by early cultures, like in the 16th century, and in early Roman cultures.

I have seen pale Mexicans, Asians, and Whites. Black women can't get pale, but they look beautiful with their natural colors anyway.

If Sir Mix-A-Lot could make a statement saying how he liked big butts, then people can certainly make a statement about their pale skin, to make it less looked down upon for both males and females. We need less tan lines.

If you are someone who makes fun of it, then stop being so ridiculous because you already have a buffet of people that fit your choices anyway. If you have pale skin yourself, then don't change it and stick up for yourself at all costs. It's something to be proud of.

Get with it, pale skin is in.
If you are a male, get an attractive body, but keep your pale skin, stop trying so hard to be tan. Same with the females.

Pale is beautiful, tan lines are not.

Spread the word.
by Arch0wl May 12, 2005
Someone who tells jokes for a living
I love a variety of comedians.
by Sylk Cream October 13, 2005
When someone else gets hurt.
Dude, John just smacked his head on the car door! It was as funny as the time Lisa got bitten by her pet goat!
by Karet Stik August 04, 2007
The act of shitting inside a fold-out couch and then re-closing it, leaving it for an unsuspecting guest. (see similar terms: "upper-decker", "mexican waffle", "trunk muffin")
That drunk guy that slept over last night left us a hot pocket.
by Sam F March 23, 2005
The french fries that fall out of their original packaging and accumulate in the bottom of the bag.
There are always a few bonus fries in the bottom of the McDonald's bag.
by Cam Chapman October 17, 2008
1.Actual bowling, with 10 pins and 1 ball.
2. Masturbating, with 2 balls and 1 pin.
Whenever Matt goes bowling, his wrist is sore for hours.
by John_Steinbeck August 13, 2005
The celebration of the birth of commercialism... Oh yea, and Jesus.
I'm gonna set up traps to kill Santa.
by The Legend of Zelda December 14, 2004
a delicious holiday beverage made from eggs cream and lots of other stuff.
doctor:code blue eggnog overdose!
nurse:how bad is it?
doctor: he drank 30 kg of it.
by RED I July 08, 2006