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Thesaurus for jerkin' the gherkin

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for jerkin' the gherkin

All the slang words for masturbation: bashing the candle, Bleeding the weasel, bleedin the weed, buffing the banana, bopping the baloney, burping the worm, choking the chicken, cleaning your rifle, corking the bat, cranking the shank, cuffing the carrot, fisting your mister, flogging your dog, floggin the frog, flogging the hog, flogging the log, flute solo, jerkin'the gherkin, looping the mule, manual override, painting the pickle, pocket pinball, pocket pool, polishing the banister, polishing the rocket, pounding your flounder, pumping the python, roping the pony, spanking the monkey, teasing the weasel, tossing the turkey, walking the dog, whipping the willy, wonking your cronker, yanking the crank.
Vote for the clit commander. and may the clit live on
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
A position in the Palma Sutra, the ancient discourse on self-pleasure, the False Celery is when a man digs a hole in the ground, covers himself with dirt and paints his column green during the harvest time.
As it is written by the ancients, "the False Celery shall align with a chill wind as surely as Polaris guides the wayward traveller north."
by boatbutter August 22, 2006
The "Baker's Folly" is an addendum to the Palma Sutra, the ancient vedic discourse on self-pleasure. The "Baker's Folly" is when the baker, weary from a full day of rising his bread, kneads his own dough into the baguette.
To perform the Baker's Folly once is to be clumsy, but to do it twice is bliss.
by boatbutter March 06, 2007
When the lonely fisherman lays himself supine in the river amongst the migrating fishes and allows the grizzlies to paddle his canoe.
Whilst searching for the False Celery in the mountains, the pupil found Nirvana performing the Burgeoning Salmon for a group of Belgian tourists.
by boatbutter August 10, 2006
"Greeting the Day" is an addendum to the Palma Sutra, the ancient vedic discourse on self-pleasure. "Greeting the Day" is when you lay your member across the snooze bar of an unsuspecting slumberer and patiently await their clumsy caress as they reach for another 7 minutes of sleep.
And Shakti said unto his pupil Apernam, "As the red sun rises in the east, and the snow geese have landed in the pond, so too shall you Greet the Day."
by Boatbutter July 31, 2006
"Reach For The Sky" is an addendum to the Palma Sutra, the ancient vedic discourse on self-pleasure. "Reach For The Sky" is when you tether your member to the foot of a migrating gander.
"But Master, when I Reach For The Sky," Apurnahamapam countered, "would not the Pteradactyl make for more delight?" "Nay my son, the path to Nirvana must be strolled, not run!"
by boatbutter March 08, 2007
slang for masturbating
Kregg beat the beat while Julie watched and pleasured herself.
by Bubbleyum Duck February 26, 2004