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Thesaurus for jean peen

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for jean peen

practically perfect in everyway + has a handbag like Mary Poppins, funny, caring and everyones friend.

Often shortened to gem not to be confused with emma, which is a differnet kettle of fish
Your a gemma/gem of a girl
by Anonymouly_Anonymous May 14, 2006
1488 547
Jean penis often plagues girls' with ill-fitting jeans. This condition is characterized by a large bulge in a typical penis area. This is most noticeable when sitting.
"Staci,I have mad jean penis!"
"yo check out that girl in the mom jeans, she has a bad case of jean penis"
by HSMF's April 01, 2008
24 8
short for penis
I can see through his jeans that he's got a small peen
by Raquelle December 05, 2003
492 115
An emphasized "Dude"

Almost like a verbal high-five.
Can also be a verbal slap. Depends on how you say it.
Duude! Sick Bike!

Duude, WTF?
by Venusxerocia June 07, 2012
8 0
What most people would say when they're totaly stoned man.
Random Stoner: Duuude, I'm totaly stoned man
by Tim56 February 03, 2011
12 0
Female name meaning "God is gracious." Fun, sympathetic, and charming. Witty, brilliant, and an excellent friend. Unless you want your friends to call you. Ever.
I miss Jean, she was so awesome. I wonder what she's up to...
by whosyourdaddy11 March 14, 2009
795 259
a girls best friend; simple, comfortable, cute, classic, completely wearable and flattering on anyone
the best piece of clothing in amy's closet were her low rise, worn-in jeans
by _may_ December 29, 2005
477 170
To do something obscene or kinky that isnt able to be said delicately.
"You make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor"
by roxy August 02, 2004
528 234
The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.
The lesbian babe saw the light and became straight when a real penis penetrated her vaginal lips.
by urban pervert April 08, 2003
45375 19637