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Thesaurus for impulse buy

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for impulse buy

Something you do when you can't find it on a peer-to-peer app.
I've even tried SoulSeek to get the Barry Manalow LP, shit I'll have to buy
by joly1 September 26, 2003
The joy of discovering an amazing Google product.
"That new calendar gave me a Googlegasm"
by Pauly Jura April 17, 2006
a sudden desire; urge: an instinctive motive.
impulse shopper
by iamxray August 07, 2009
A price one would be willing to buy something for without a second thought; usually results in an impulse buy.
I found that TV I was looking for in a pawn shop and it was at my autobuy price, so I decided to scoop it up really quickly.
by xldr July 15, 2011
A good price for an item or product.
"How much for these anal beads?"
"Just £5"
"What a Bargain!"
by asggopi December 18, 2012
Somone who has an intense intrest in bisexualality, and/or suspects they may be bisexual, however does not classify themself as bisexual as of yet.
Though Anne was attracted to men, she had a slight attraction to women too, leading her to become bi curious.
by Kat of t3h Happyness May 18, 2005
A verbal expression denoting that fate cannot be changed.

"Hey Mike did you sleep with that Lauren chick?"

"Yeah, Why?"

"You know she has herpes, right?"

"No way, Goddamn-it! I knew some-shit like this..."

"Haha! Deal. You really dealt. Let me take this time to chuckle to myself because you probably will be dealing for the rest of your insignificant fucking life with disfigured genitalia. Why don't you call the fucking whambulance while your at it you fucking douche? Do you smell that?"


"It smells like pussy, fuck-face. And you know what, I don't give a flying fuck what the fuck happens to you because your a flat out utter cunt. Deal bitch!"

"Thanks for the support, bro."
by The Chuckle Monster October 27, 2008