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The act of snorting cocaine off of a mans penis
Ex. "You think she's a virgin?!? She told me she wanted to blow some Cock-caine."
by Quentalto February 07, 2011
a cell phone service with terrible service in all areas except major cities. a service with overpriced phones, overpriced plans, and oversized phones.
Hey check out my new nextel, i can't call anyone because i don't have service, i can't buy gas because i'm broke paying for it, but it is the size of a small dog and almost fits in my pocket.
by Senor Penis November 09, 2004
*Taken Aback*
Surprised, Shocked.
Mum "They planned a surprise party for me, I was taken aback"
by F3LTZYY March 04, 2014
When a friend wants to meet you to do something and completely throws it back in your face, leaving you alone with nothing to do.
Harry: Let's meet at 11am!
Bruce: Sure!
Bruce: He abandoned me!!!
by Nathantheboi January 18, 2014
embarrased; ashamed; you get it...
would you be abashed if your private parts were flashed, while your fly was unzipped, and your underwear was ripped?

If to yourself your true, the answer is, of course wouldn't you?
by vocabfreak February 22, 2005
To get drunk and not remember anything from the night before. Or to also get drunk and have some bizzare shizz happen to you when clearly is not believable because you were "Abducted" (drunk) during the moment it had happened.
You -> Dammmn you wont believe what happened last night

Friend-> wassup

You -> well the night started off with some admiral nelsons but we went out yo and swear some dude came up to us askin for chicken free!!

Friend-> No dude, i think that admiral nelsons abducted your ass boooyyy!!!
by straightforwardz January 17, 2010
straying from what is, or is thought of as the normal
motha fucker the way you talk is fuckin aberrant(different)
by shanxxx the exorcist July 30, 2005
The transition from subject to object.
My fingernail is attached to me (the subject). When I clip my fingernail and is no longer attached to my finger it becomes an Abject rather than an object, because of the attachment to it's origins.

This applies to all bodily functions...all of them.
by Nicholasian May 27, 2008

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