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Satellite radio service where high profile radio personalities (Howard Stern, Cousin Brucie, etc) go when they get pissed at regular radio.
Alright that's it! I'm going to Sirius!!
by 1069 September 18, 2006
Gary Dell'abbate from the Howard Stern show.
His other name is Bababooey because of an inside joke about a cartoon cell a long time ago. Artie Lange is on the show too, he rocks! Now give me 1000 thumbs up to help me fight cancer! Thanks!
by Andi March 16, 2005
Was hired by Howard Stern to work at Sirius Satellite Radio and is now shockin' the puss like a madman. Oh, yeah, Ned uncensored is awesome. Manson makes THE greatest song parodies, Brent is still a smartass, and Gene Lasker is one crazy mofo.
"Opie and Anthony are going back on testicle, i mean, uh, terrestrial radio? What idiots! XM is going down the toilet faster than you can say 'put the seat down.'"

-something along the lines of what Bubba the love sponge knows to be true
by mcgillicutty May 09, 2006
Media personality and creative force behind The Howard Stern Show. Innovative and ingenious, Stern's quick wit and seemingly fearless approach to everything that strikes him has resulted in a most charismatic and enigmatic entertainer. Responsible for numerous pop culture concepts such as American Idol, Street Sense to name a few.
While deeply constricted in his efforts to entertain as of late, Stern's show has become the new Mecca for comedians. Successful appearances can almost guarantee success to the comedian, where unsuccessful ones (See Jackie Martling) can virtually end a career.
Not applicable, as it is a person's name.
by Mister Skin July 26, 2005
Howard fucking Stern
Howard Stern is the king of all media goddamnit.
by I forget February 15, 2005
To pull a stern - Getting extremly drunk by stealing a bottle of beverages from the bar in a club, and finishing it alone.
Must include puking and passing out (in the shower) on the next day's morning.

Includes puking in the club, puking in the taxi (having his friends pay for the taxi cleaning service), drop down the stairs, getting dropped several times by his mates trying to carry him back.
"Hey man, whats up with R.?"
"He pulled Stern yesterday!... Passed out and we had to carry him back"
"Where is he now?

"Still puking - in the bathroom atm."


"Let's get sterned tonight"
by DaFkingGerman July 19, 2009
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by Venus-Fan May 05, 2003