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Thesaurus for horse racing

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for horse racing

Keith Richards did so much horse in his lifetime that his blood type is China White.
by ernest t July 16, 2003
An amazing party that consists of horse racing, gambling, beer drinking, and tit showing. One of the best parties in the country.
"Damn man, I won $500 at the Kentucky Derby this year and saw at least 80 sets of tits!"
by hexum July 13, 2005
To successfully and enjoyably ejaculate three times in one day.
"Dude, I was bored yesterday." -Tom
"Me too, there was nothing to do." -Jack
"Don't tell anyone but I achieved the Triple Crown..." -Tom
"I was thinking about going for it." -Jack
by cool.cat.t1 November 26, 2010
The third race in the Triple Crown. It is held at Belmont Park in New York. This is the longest race in the Triple Crown, as it is 1 1/2 miles, and it can make or break a Triple Crown champion.
The most impressive running of the Belmont Stakes was in 1973 when Secretariat won by an astounding 31 lengths and set the still-standing world record of 2:24 for a mile and a half.
by Financial Sockett May 20, 2008
When engaging in coitus with rear entry (doggie style) one hooks his ring and middle finger into the female's mouth bilaterally to provide leverage and minimize the talking. Thus mimicking riding a race horse.
She was all sweaty and kept talking so I pulled a Secretariat and finished up quick.
by Freeloading Rusty February 02, 2011
Short for 'All time greatest' moment(s)!!
Getting up at the break of dawn, surfing railer swells all day, sitting around a bonfire getting blotto with the buds at night, all time...
by all time January 07, 2009
Can be found at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels. An individual who participates in sports. Characterized by dedication, focus, intelligence, and work ethic. Athletes usually are overshadowed in high school by Jocks; they are too busy to do much grandstanding. Most pro players are athletes rather than jocks.

The athlete is intelligent, hard-working, and a decent human being. He has fallback plans for the future in case he can't play pro. The jock is arrogant, stupid, lazy, and an asshole. He has no plans for the future beyond high school whatsoever.
Jocks are drinking and fucking cheerleaders while athletes are training, studying, or participating in worthwhile extracurriculars.

Ryan Leaf was a jock. Steve Young was an athlete. Both were standouts through college, but look at the difference in their NFL careers.
by Student-Athlete September 21, 2004
The greatest sport that was ever created. Predominantly for female, because males are sissies.
"Being a cowgirl is kind of like being perfect, just harder."
by ultimate_cowgirl September 20, 2004
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