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Hawaii's a pretty cool place, if you like Asians and Quicksilver. It's funny, though, because basically everyone here is Japanese. Or at least part Japanese. Everyone is about 195701976 ethnicities, so there isn't much racial discrimination. Except against haoles. Which means white person. We're kind of backwards like that. In Hawaii, you gotta speak pidgen English.
Guy 1: Ho braddah cuz, you when see dat wahine wid da nice kine booty?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: What, brah, you no like dat kine? What wrong wit you, cuz? You mahu? Ho, braddah Kamu, dis boy rite here stay mahu!
Guy 2: ...Get away from me.
by PistolVirgin June 04, 2005
a mixed people. you will never find one that does not have samoan, chinese, filipino, or Portuguese in them. not always fat, lazy, and stupid. Most work harder than lots of people. good swimmers and fisherman. Had electricity in the kings and queens palaces before the white house. Were doing good with no diseases or problems in health until the white people invaded and took over the land by throwing the queen in her palace and locking her there till she agreed to sign over Hawaii to america. overall a nice good natured people until you piss them off
kimo: look at that sexy Hawaiian overthere!
by HIstate808 January 07, 2014
A very good albiet expensive school. believe it or not we are not all rich, none of the kids have body guards, we have 2-3 off duty cops but they just walk around and stuff. 99 percent aren't snobby, don't drop names, and are actually really cool. We have a kick ass sports program which makes lots of people jealous and resentful. Also most kids drive crappy cheap cars. theres a few parents with bmw's or mercedes but most kids have regular sedans or trucks, honda's, toyotas and so on.
Wtf kind of dick posts those other definitions, they clearly dont know jack shit.

Dude punahou's awesome

yeah i know, theres tons of hot chicks and our sports teams rule!!
by punahou kid October 24, 2010
Born on August 13, 1930.

An old, famous Hawaiian musician and entertainer, known for his songs "Tiny Bubbles" and "Pearly Shells."

When he got older, he continued putting on shows at the Ohana Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. There is a rumor that he lived on the second floor of this hotel in his elder years.

He died on April 14, 2007 at the age of 76. May he rest in peace.
(In 1970)
Mike: I went to a Don Ho show!
Cheryl: Groovy! He's a stud!
Mike: Hey, hey, hey! Watch it.

(In 2005)
Mike: I went to a Don Ho show!
Cheryl: Didn't he remind you of Ozzy Osbourne?
Mike: As a matter of fact he did!
by w00ty October 06, 2007
a substance you eat,then poop out.usually followed my a nap.
hungry.....need food....
by fungie May 19, 2004
A term synonymous with the word "hummer", that describes the best blowjob one could ever receive from a female who claims to be lacking in sexual experience. Usually given on the first date ending in a swallowing and a kiss goodnight.
Guy 1: Dude, how was your first date with that girl you met in the christian chatroom?

Guy 2: Not bad, I took her to bennigan's and later she totally gave me an H1 on the ride back to her house.

Guy 1: Niiice...
by DeathSlinger00 December 19, 2009
An amazing band from Brisbane, Australia.
Last Dinosaurs, Amazing.
by 2000lies August 04, 2010
A popular travel destination featuring sandy beaches, world-renowned surfing, Haleakala volcano and rainforests, Maui relies mainly on tourism and is struggling to cope with growing numbers of visitors and development. Maui's natural beauty diminishes each year, as undeveloped beaches and forests are bulldozed to make way for pricey resorts, chain stores, upscale planned communities and sterile golf courses, built to satisfy demands from tourists, developers and their clients. The growth has been largely unregulated, leading to an unbalanced economic system throughout, where prices for housing, food, gas and utilities are very high compared to the rest of the U.S., to garner money from tourists, and wages are extremely low, leading to poverty and crime.

A marketing version of the Hawaiian culture has been used as an advertising ploy to help create Maui's thriving economy, while the local people struggle to survive on subsistence wages. A shortage of drinkable water, affordable housing and opportunity plague members of the population who would be middle-class if they lived anywhere else, but can't afford to move or won't leave the home they love.

Maui's position of being a favored luxury travel destination has led to opportunities for unscrupulous investors, money-hungry real estate agents and numerous profiteers, while the land and rivers have become heavily polluted with industrial waste from agribusinesses, insufficient recycling and garbage disposal and human waste from unregulated dumping, just offshore. However, fine dining, immaculate accommodations and luxury amenities are readily available on Maui, making this a premier vacation destination, for those who can afford it and don't mind the rest.
"Man, Sarah looks bad after that plastic surgery she had. She was beautiful before. Now she's gone and Maui'ed herself."
by Isabel J. November 11, 2005