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A movement in the art of Parkour designed to clear an obstacle using the hands. Execution involves running towards an obstacle of about waist height, jumping about 1-2 feet before the obstacle and placing the hands on the desired object. You should then tuck your knees in towards your chest and your momentum force your body forwards. When clear of the object, release your tuck and prepare for landing by slightly bending your legs and extending your hands to absorb the impact. If performed from a height, a roll should be implemented to reduce shock further.
"I just did a speed vault over that wall there."
"Really? I would have used a kong."
by Josh Knill September 16, 2006
A country that is so old and complex that the average American could not write an accurate definition for it if they tried (and we do)
Maybe I'll write a definition for China...wait, i have no clue what really goes down in China.
by D.E. Fresh October 05, 2005
A high tech ghetto, Hong Kong is the best place in Asia. Home of tall buildings, neon, and pirates. Also a great place to pick up cheap anime dvds...

Hong Kong is a living example of Gibson's cyberpunk future.
"If you think Japan is good, wait till you see Hong Kong"
by Straylight July 24, 2003
Asia is often known to be beautiful sweet and extreme kindness comes out of her. not a jealous person in the least bit and very confident. People looks up to asias and girls envy thier beauty and power they have when they control the men.they leave the men breathless and not known to be a slut or hoe guys respect them and they respect themselfs. MAKE GREAT FRIENDS
Fucking asia
by sadfghjsdfrekt March 17, 2009
the race with the hottest girls.
i bang asian girls.
by Mr.Sir June 22, 2007
To be the benefactor of someone else creating excessive work for you unnecessarily. To be at the receiving end of an inherently needy and imposing person so that you in effect wind up ding their job for them.
1)I got Honged!

2)Damn, that is a lot of freaking tickets for that one office. Are they going for a record?
by Anonymous January 22, 2004
Honger is a person that tries to keep up with hong kong fashion and styling. They do speak in cantonese loudly in public which is annoying, pose for pictures emulating the "cuteness" frenzy of the japanese, carry expensive cellphones and other accessories, drive japanese cars in the ricer hotlist and high class european cars, and leech off their parents' money while partying their ass off.
But here are some other ways to see this honger culture.
-They don't pretend or think like they are members of a different race, they actually proudly acknowledge their modern counterparts on the other face of the earth.
(ex: whites trying to act like black)
-The rice rockets they drive often look decently and acceptable compare to their non-honger/asian counterpart's rice rocket. One possible reason is because they have the cash to buy decent looking parts and apply them to the right place. Compare to the majority of their local counterparts who buy cheaper and incomplete parts thinking noone would notice the difference. (ex: incomplete set of rims because they can only afford a pair instead of the full four, purchase the front part of a bodykit while leaving the back and suspension system stock)
- The "expensive" cellphones they carry, which probably will be carried over to the north american market in a year of two, pretty much cost the same as the models offer by canadian's firms, which are outdated in the asian market already. (So why pay $500 for a so call "brand new" model which just appears in the canadian market while you can purpose an asian model which is a generation or two ahead for the same price?)
- Excluding the bad apples in the group, those hongers that seem to be sucking their parent's pocket are no different than their local canadian counterparts leeching off their parents. The rich hongers just get a couple years of extension living under their parents' care, instead of getting kick out of your parent's house and constantly worrying about rent and grocery money before they are old enough to go in a liquor store and buy beer.
The hongers worry and care about similar things like their white friends; they still have to think about where they cough out the money needed to get their weed and alcohol, except the hongers have a more firm and secure backing and emergency plans incase all hell breaks loose.
(You think white kids with rich parents or family with decent income wouldn't take advantage/make-the-best-out of the situation?)
-Hongers and their rich parents pay their taxes, so the kids can get luxury of sitting on their ass while constantly spending money in the canadian market, and the parents can constantly fly back to hongkong so their can work their ass off to pay the tax which would be spent on public service and projects which they will rarely use. The external flow of money into canada from these honger bastards and the taxes they pay help pay for the welfare checks and public service so the general public can continue to complain about how much hongers suck and not contribute to society.

So you see, hongers aren't all that bad, and actually seems normal, if you include some other group for comparing. You can make fun and trash any group of people/race if you put the effort into it. Some might hate the hongers, others might hate the trailer park rednecks, the the neo-nazi skinheads, the christian-right fundamentalists, etc. If you can name it, you can trash it.
look at me! i am a chinese who isn't whitewashed trying to be black!!
by c_dawg December 12, 2004
what you put the flowers in when then cops drive by
fuck the police lets get high
by childastray August 29, 2005
Cantonese is one of the languages spoken in China. It is not a dialect of the invented "Chinese language". It is a language itself, such as Mandarin. The only difference is that Mandarin is the official one, and Cantonese is not.
Luca: Hi, Zeke! what've you been up to?
Ezekiel: Oh, I've been studying a lot for my exam tomorrow
Luca: exam of what?
Ezekiel: Oops, I forgot to tell you that I took up Cantonese, which is a language spoken in China. It is not the official one, though.
by Ezechiel August 16, 2006

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