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Delaware County is a middle class county situated next to Philadelphia County. It is home to a generally Irish Roman Catholics, whose economic and educational status gradually declines as a person moves from North to South in the county. In the Radnor and Ardmore sections of "Delco" the incomes, educational levels are high. But if one moves south, he encounters a decline in civilized behavior. Central locations like Drexel Hill and Havertown are home to many professionals, and Philadelphia businessmen. However, districts closer to Baltimore Pike and Route 476 have become well known for their high levels of trailer trash hookers, wiggers, degenerates, and uneducated white people (e.g. Ridley, Interboro, Aldan, and Eddystone)And while Delaware County is dominantly Caucasian, the state of mind is often considered "decidedly hood rat". To complicate matters, the absolute most southern point in Delaware County is Chester, a community composed of African Americans. This portion of the county, compromised of citizens of a different skin color, has never set well with the toothless inbreeds of Eddystone and Briar Cliff, who are abundantly racist, uneducated, tattooed, and addicted to marijuana and other illegal substances, and wear Timberland Boots (purchased at 69th Street Terminal), Beater (purchased at TJ Maxx in Springfield, Kohls on Baltimore Pike, Modells Baltimore Pike, or any local Ross Dress for Less TM), and a pair of excessively long and baggy shorts of the Jordan Brand
"Yo homie, lets go ride majestically into Springfield with the rest of our gangster friends from Briar Cliff and show all those pussies how hood rat south Delaware County is."
by Briar Cliff Rough Rider January 28, 2010
A coeducational liberal arts college of 1100 students located in Haverford, PA. Although not formally affiliated with any religion, Haverford was founded by Quakers, and values such as respect, tolerance, and concern for others are integral in the college community. The academic and social Honor Code, written originally and affirmed annually by the students, is a central part of Haverford. Because of the Honor Code, students are able, to a large extent, to govern themselves. Most tests are unproctored. There are few rules at Haverford that don't have to do with being respectful of others and keeping students safe. Discipline is overwhelmingly restorative rather than retributive. One can pretty much do whatever he or she wants as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Academically, Haverford is one of the strongest colleges in the country.
Student: Haverford is sweet; everyone looks out for each other, and it's like the Amsterdam of small liberal arts schools.
by Justin T August 02, 2005
A private school on the mainline. A very rigorous academic program cuases students potential break downs from time to time. Although its students have been stereotyped as blonde haired and blue eyes, there are many girls there who dont have the affore mentioned features. However, it is a truth that almost every student wears pearl earings and ribbons each day. Also they are known for their high amounts of spirit on such theme days as the christmas assembly, Spirit days, and halloween. All in all Agnes Irwin, affectionately called Irwins by those who attend, is a school in which people pay to break into tears, manically deck out their assigned places in their class colors, and roll out of bed each morning, throw a kilt on and race to school.
"Sometimes Irwins makes me want to run myself into a wall, and other times, I speed in the morning to get there"
by 2006 February 03, 2005
A delco minute is the term used for the period of time from January 10th-February 1st every calendar year in Delaware County. In contrast to the popular term new york minute, a delco minute lasts much longer than a minute; for some, it seems to last a lifetime. The delco minute is the time period each winter when 8th graders throughout Delaware County are faced with the difficult choice of deciding which high school in the county to attend. For some, family finances dictate a need for public school. But for many other young people throughout the county, they must decide before the end of a delco minute whether or not to disgrace themselves by enrolling at an inter-ac school the next fall, or going the pure route of a Catholic Education. The delco minute ends when parents submit a deposit to a local private school, or fill out the paper work for public school. the months leading up to a delco minute can be very stressful for some; St. Joseph's Prep has become increasingly selective in recent years, and now rejects most applicants. This means that some kids are forced after January 10th to consider enrolling at inferior schools, such as Malvern Prep or Monsignor Bonner. When a student who could not get into the The Prep enrolls at Malvern, he is subsequently termed a J Crew Catholic.
It is January 10th, and I have received all my high school acceptance letters. The delco minute has formally begun, now I have to spend the rest of the month determining if I want to wear an inter-ac tuxedo or a delco tuxedo for the next four years. Since I am a Hohenzollern fascist, I think I will enroll at the Haverford School and try to get plowed in the ass for the next four years.
by the devon horse show May 31, 2011
a word that I looked up to see people's opinions on the basketball team, but instead i got mostly horribly disgusting sexual definitions.
I never knew "duke" was a slang word for butt sex.
by The Beverly Hills Cat Burglar March 29, 2005
We believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontious Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell; the third day He arose again from the dead. He ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Amen.
Luke 23:34: 'Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...."
by Brandon May 14, 2003
A salad, sandwich, and coffee bar. Located in very few locations including Bryn Mawr, PA and New York, NY. Serves the most AMAZING fat free mango manias, bread, and chicken ceaser salads. The Bryn Mawr location is filled with kids from the surrounding private schools including The Baldwin School, The Shipley School, and The Haverford School. Locals are bound to see at least one familiar face in the restaurant or in the always packed parking lot. Main Line mothers are often seen inside toting chanel handbags and young children while they order take-out for their family dinner. Groups of kids, in North Faces, Birkenstocks, Polos, and cell phones glued to their ears, wait in the salad line talking obnoxiously. An extremely popular restaurant that is sure to become nearly as contagious as Starbucks. The New York locations are not nearly as busy as the Bryn Mawr location. And the customers are less suburban. Diners at the NY locations are usually business men and women in suits- yuppies no doubt. COSI- THE BEST SANDWICH AND SALAD BAR EVER!
If you've never been to a Cosi...GO! The bread is UNBELIEVABLE!

Reasons to go to Cosi:

The best bread in the world...BY FAR!
Spectacular people watching
Convenience is key
last definition for this word was shitty and pretentious.

the Inter-Ac Tuxedo is a theory, not a precise outfit. it takes different shapes as the earth rotates and the seasons change. in the summer, "the Tux" sees backward New Era hats for all teams other than the Phillies. During Summer days, baggy Jordan shorts, black nike socks, nikeID dunks, and killer UVA lax pinnys are worn. But during summer nights, gr8 brands like Lacoste get paired with pink Polo hats and rockstar shades.

in the winter, the tux takes on a new form. Fresh off the conclusion of another action packed InterAc football season, sluggers from THS, MP, PC, and GA will throw on their letterman jackets, celebrating their 8 game seasons in style, and reminiscing over the narrow victory over a Philadelphia Public League Team.
Yo check out James 'Chip' Barrington, he's across the street in his The Haverford School: '08 InterAc Champs: The Perfect Season (5-3 record) letterman jacket. What an iscariot. Hate to see him in an Inter-Ac Tuxedo, instead of a delco tuxedo
by boss hamilton November 29, 2011
cock sucking factory
gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gulp
by hot malvern boy toy March 13, 2005