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The greatest and most popular sport in history with more than 5 times the TV audience of the next most popular (cricket - every radio and TV in the sub-continent is permanently tuned to Pakistan/India cricket matches - that's a big audience).

Only Americans call it 'soccer' owing to their vast ignorance of what goes on outside their national boundaries and the misnomer which has them thinking than a corruption of rugby, with all the danger and most of the skill removed can also be called 'football'.

'The Beautiful Game' can be played anywhere, on almost any surface, by any number of players, for almost any length of time. And is. There is no country on earth that doesn't play. It has inspired more passion, more courage and more excitement than any other sport in history and dwarfs everything else.
Football is, without question, the defining sporting activity of the human race.
by sicinius October 15, 2007
American football and rugby are both physically demanding sports... I've played both... The styles of play are much different though... Rugby is about pure tackling and ball movement as opposed to football which is about impact in addition to tackling skill and quick linear movement down field. The speed and impact in American football is the reason for the pads (without them, the amount of spinal cord and brain injuries would be horriffic)... With regard to the breaks between plays in football, there's a purpose other than giving the big guys on the lines a break (and by big, I mean 300+ pounds...). American football is a game of set plays and tends to get very complex with all the terminology and the amount of plays you have to memorize (most coaches script anywhere from 150 to 250 possible plays per game). Granted, rugby is more fast paced and the plays are more oriented to the flow of the game which makes it pretty exciting to watch and challenging to play. As far as I'm concerned, they're both great sports with their own challenges.
Would like to get your ear ripped off in a scrum or have Roy Williams crush you coming over the middle playing American football?!?
by IWearBlack April 11, 2005
The world's most popular sport
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
game that only real men play, not like those pussy football players. No pads, rougher tackles, alot more fun.
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
What soccer/football should be called.
Yurop: Yo did you catch the Barcelona vs Real Madrid game today?

Amurrikun: You mean the game where players were diving everywhere to milk a penalty. They should call it divegrass.
by Real MADrid >Shaw April 27, 2011
1. In soccer, or football as some places name the position, the only person that is really truly unique in the 11 players.

goalies are allowed to use hands while inside their own goalie box.

If you read to here, congrats! the people who left might think i am a boring asshole to leave things like this on urban! I am gonna start talking about what the goalie really does.

First of all, the goalie has the most fucked up job on the pitch. He dives, he saves, he leaps, he slides in mud, he cannot make mistakes, he is thought by assholes that don't know soccer as"easy job", and thought by even bigger assholes that know about soccer as "useless". chicks crave the strikers-they evade the goalkeepers.

secondly, no other position has a bigger decisive power than the goalie. if a goalie saves a goalbound shot, it equals as he scores one. why does so many assholes think the goalies are useless?

if you are a professional goalkeeper, great. good news, if you make good saves, you will show in the highlights. bad news, if you concede, the video of you eating shit will be played over and over again.

last, goalies are the backbone of the defence! when the team is fucked, its the goalie that has shit smeared all over his face picking up the ball from inside the goal and screaming:" fucking fight! you motherfucking assholes! lets go out and fuck those motherfucking fucks!!!!"

so! i hope you are a little more interested in goalkeeper!
by Carlisle C September 05, 2012
a group of penguins
an offense manouver in Rugby
a certain set of computer software tools
penguins in scrums are fun to watch

the team's scrum helped them score

i used SCRUM to do some computer stuff
by Wallis and Futuna Islands December 21, 2004
Technically, an American is someone from the Americas - i.e. North or South America. However, it is so commonly referring to people from the USA that we'll just ignore that point for now.

An American is someone who lives in the USA. Not all americans are overweight, ignorant pricks with an addiction to burgers and flag waving. Some of them are actually friendly, intelligent people!

Remember, kids: just because meet or hear one person from a certain place doesn't mean that everyone from there is like it. Oh, and did I mention that the actions of the US government don't ALWAYS speak unanimously for every last citizen of the USA? Just wanted to clear that up.

They do think some wierd things, though.. They call football soccer, American football football, aluminium aloominum, jam jelly and so on. But belittling them for differences like that would be a bit petty of me, wouldn't it?
While playing a game, I once met an American who was a mindless, stereotyping, bigoted, ignorant prick. But did that make me hate all Americans? Well, yes. But eventually I got over it. I would like to find that guy and cave his skull in, though..
Insult used by usually a British person to describe an American person, often used as Anti-American pro-british patriotism.
Antonyms include 'A merry cunt'
American: Hey you fag!
British: Fuck off you Americunt!
by taigster22 April 11, 2007