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Thesaurus for gwelching

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for gwelching

a revolutionary new idea or concept, having mostly a positive effect to society.
The assembly line was the brainchild of Henry Ford, ushering in mass production of automobiles and significantly reducing their price for a while.
by Polo July 16, 2006
The mixture of ejaculate and grey matter that is churned as the result of skull fucking.
As Jess got up to go freshen up, an amount of brain butter leaked out of her eye socket. Brian caught it and was able to spread it on an english muffin which he enjoyed on his commute to the office.
by brainbutter February 15, 2010
When a joint burns faster on one side. Can be quickly remedied by saliva on the finger and well placed tapping
Person:Dude, this shit is totally canoeing!

Person 2:It's cool, I got it (Spits on finger and taps out fast burn).
by Scott Garrett July 20, 2006
Another name for vagina.
Michelle has a fat canoe!
by Binky2000 January 16, 2005
when a female sees a guy and imagines giving him a blow job
look at her you could hella tell she mind blowing him
by pegasuskv April 14, 2010
The making of one's mind to feel numb, usually incurred by something either horribly boring or stupid. In the same way that your hand may go numb should you lay on your arm too long, and cut off blood circulation, the mind goes numb if you cut off relevant information for an extended period of time
I was listening to Fox News' mind numbing propaganda and nearly lost my mind today.
by TCT January 12, 2008
Skull Fuck- (verb) to make love to any orifce of the face. Such as poking out an eyeball and thrusting repeatedily into the orbital socket untill climak.
I bet pirates love skull fucking alot, you know because of the whole eye patch thing.
by Ryan Novak January 27, 2006