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Thesaurus for guernsey

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for guernsey

The Best State ever where only the strong survive
Yea im from Jersey, I can kick ur ass any day or i can get the mafia to do it for me
by Bean January 22, 2004
1943 1338
A Person from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, UK. Also commonly called a Donkey.
"Ah yeah he is an old Guern" is often used to describe an elderly local person who has lived on Guernsey for all or most of their life and who was born there.
by The one and only Guern February 04, 2010
6 2
A girl with a fat booty.
Damn that girl got a donkey.
by Sheena_Thick November 29, 2003
1037 457
A bowel movement so large that it breaks the surface of the toilet water, creating an island in the bowl.
After all those PBR's last night, I left a huge island in the toilet this morning.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
91 17
A very confusing game. Ironically, seeming to be devoid of any clear rules. Playes run around an oval field in any possible direction, kicking and passing the ball where-ever they feel the need. On the plus side, the players seem to have a good time as they are often laughing during play.
pub guy#1-"Have you ever watched Aussie Rules football?"
pub guy#2-"Haha ha ha haha ha ha....yeah good one mate!"
by Mick the Mouth May 26, 2008
56 65
Guernsey term for someone who is the butt of everyone's jokes.
Idiot: Chesney's coming over in 3 days, what a comedy bell-end! We'll be able to to mock him for 3 weeks!
Ches' mates: Shut up and stop being such a chont.
by Lifejacket April 25, 2006
3 3
Toad (In Norman French), used to describe a person from the Channel Island of Jersey. How it is interpreted is usually dependent upon who said it and in what context however this is mainly in a jokey manner from a Guernsey person to a Jersey person with little malice intended. They may then respond by calling the Guernsey person a donkey or less commonly an Anes (the Guernsey French alternative).
Guernsey Man: Oi Mick! get over here you bloney crapaud!

Jersey Man -walking over-: Oh shut up you old donkey!
by Stripy_Tie September 22, 2010
10 4
Last time I checked, a fight was something that two gentlemen (I use this term lightly) start throwing their fists into their fellow man.
Ask Tyler Durden.

by Not Zane September 18, 2004
703 244