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Thesaurus for grosse out

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for grosse out

1. to describe something that is disgusting
2. to act dirty in a sexual way
1. The pile of shit on the floor was nasty.
2. Jessica acted nasty in the bedroom.
by Hannah Smith March 15, 2003
slang for chink(asian person)first became popular on the Chappelle's show.
AA-Rabs, Jews, Neegers, and all those kinds of chanks....stank!

hey kyle, jet lee called, he wants his eyes back. rick james bitch
by pat dutcha April 01, 2004
A person with oozing cold sores on their mouth. They have bumps and puss pouring out of their herpes blisters. Another word for ugly, gross, disgusting. Someone who you don't want to be near and no one can blame you.
Vitale sure is disgusting- Check out those cold sores all over his face.
by blape January 19, 2008

having an offensive odor; stinking.
The skunk is able to fend of its hunters because of its ability to be fetid.
by Wormchowwill July 14, 2009
Used as a another name for penis to rhyme with jerking.
Stop Jerking Your Gerkin.


He's busy jerking his gerkin.
by Lazer November 27, 2001
Also see grosse out.

The act of brossing someone out through mental or physical imagry.

To be grossed out by seeing somthing.
Dude that totally grossed me out

1: Dya know what thats made of ... its not really cow meat your eating, its rat.
2: Stop trying to gross me out, im gonna finnish this burger.

( after someone spewed ) now thats a gross out
by Gonk September 28, 2005
Another word for horrible.
Man:Did you see my gf?
Other Man: Yeah man, she looks horrid!
Man: WTF no she's hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
by ijwahak December 16, 2005
A place where people eat alot, get fat, and then sue to get money.
I ate at McDonalds everyday for 7 years and now I weigh 500 pounds, so I'm gonna sue them to make some cash.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003