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Only publicly owned team in the NFL or AFC, therefore the Peoples Team! Since all other teams are owned by rich assholes no other team in all American football can claim the same.
Green Bay Packers, 2011 Super Bowl Champions!!

When the Packers win America's People win!

God and Jesus Christ love the Packers!

The Packers have repaired the time space continuum!

The Packers colors are Green,Gold and Blaze Orange!

Packer football is the Supreme Diversion!

If you're not with the Packers you're with the Terrorists!
by HatchetmanII February 13, 2011
Although he sometimes gets a little bit over-covered and he is shown as some type of hero, he is actually a pretty tough guy. I am sure you guys have heard of it, but he played a season with a broken thumb, he threw 4 TDs and 398 yards in the FIRST HALF of a football game which was only a day or two after his father, Irvin, died of a heart attack while driving, his wife recently was diagnosed with breast cancer (but is in good health) and his brother-in-law was killed in a ATV accident at his Mississipi home, and he has the longest consecutive games played record for QBs, which spans over 12 years, or something like that. He has won one Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers and started his career with the Atlanta Falcons. He was a 3 time MVP, 3 years straight. Some people put him down all the time, saying "the record is stupid and is easy for QBs", well I dont see anyone else even close, so deal with it. He also never mentions records, and doesnt even keep track of them, often times not even knowing of records untill being told by the media. Hes one of Wisconsin's favorite players and favorite people. Hes a down-to-earth guy also. Ok, I'm done with my praising. One negative thing-sometimes he doesnt make smart throws and he often forces passes and throws many INTs. But definately a Hall of Fame player. ..once he hangs the cleats up
Favre... Not again... just throw the ball away...

I hate it when people spell Favre, F-A-R-V-E... its Favre. Just remember on "Theres Something About Mary", when Ben Stiler makes a comment about Favres last name.
by Danderson June 06, 2005
The greatest and most popular sport in history with more than 5 times the TV audience of the next most popular (cricket - every radio and TV in the sub-continent is permanently tuned to Pakistan/India cricket matches - that's a big audience).

Only Americans call it 'soccer' owing to their vast ignorance of what goes on outside their national boundaries and the misnomer which has them thinking than a corruption of rugby, with all the danger and most of the skill removed can also be called 'football'.

'The Beautiful Game' can be played anywhere, on almost any surface, by any number of players, for almost any length of time. And is. There is no country on earth that doesn't play. It has inspired more passion, more courage and more excitement than any other sport in history and dwarfs everything else.
Football is, without question, the defining sporting activity of the human race.
by sicinius October 15, 2007
A 4 Hour Commercial, with some occasional Football inbetween.
Hey! I just saw a new Taco Bell Burrito being advertised during the NFL, right before their brief break to some lame Football stuff.
by G-Union 2 August 02, 2004
A state that consumes more alcohol and has a higher people-to-bar ratio then any other state in the country.
Living in Wisconsin has taught me how to replace water with beer.
by John-John February 23, 2004
1.Located in northeastern Wisconsin, Green Bay gets its name from the Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan.

2.With a population of 100,353 (according to a 2006 census) makes it the third largest city in state, behind Milwaukee and Madison.

3.Originally, the city was a trading post, established in 1634 by Jean Nicolet, making it the 13th oldest permanent settlement in the United States.

4.The city is most well known for the NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. Fans are proud of their team, often referring to themselves as "cheeseheads."
Green Bay is a town with rich heritage and is certainly more than stereotypes describe it as.
by blkcryn January 17, 2008
The new Green Bay Packers starting quarterback who will be under the spotlight after everything he does because he unfortunately has to follow the career of Brett Favre.

Now a term used for being an underdog and having to live up to someone's achievements.
"Your sister has a 4.0? She Aaron Rodgers'd you in your parents' eyes. F*** her up."
by sounds awful August 06, 2008
The reason I get up in the morning and the reason I pass out at night.
beer GOOD!
by Funk Naz-T August 11, 2003
The greatest substance known to man,Worshipped by pagans, exploited by me!
Everybody loves cheese
by Carpman May 14, 2003
A team in the National Football League (NFL) whose idea of a successful season is not choking during the last 5 weeks and missing the playoffs. Unlike other teams, they know they will never win a Super Bowl and once they make the playoffs, that's pretty much it.
Here it is, the season's on the line. Two receivers left and right. McCown, takes the snap, he steps up, he's all by himself...FIRES INTO THE ENDZONE. CAAAUGHT!! TOUCHDOWN!!! NOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! THE CARDINALS HAVE KNOCKED THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!!
by Big Johnny D. January 23, 2006

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