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The holy mother of all search engines. Is the most efficient, and reliable search engines. Can generate a few million results within a fraction of a second. Can be used for homework, dating, and for looking at high quality divx porn for satisfying your sex-deprived lives.
I used google to search for transsexual porn!
by SeXuaLSoYBeaN June 20, 2003
1. To "google" something, meaning to look it up on Google.

2. To search for something in general
"Wanna know more about the French Revolution? Google it"

"Google this"
by Kristin November 18, 2004
Shorthand form for "I Don't Know".
Person1: what do you want to do today?
Person2: idk you pick
by Ruben Mothballs July 05, 2003
The thing you say when you know you're wrong but just wanna waste someone's time.
Me: I'm telling you, Patrick Duffy played Spiderman.
You: Umm. No. He did not.
Me: Look it up.
You: Sigh..
by Bonch Nifkin July 20, 2011
This phrase means "blow of mercy" in french, and is used to describe the deathblow intended to end the suffering of a mortally wounded victim.

It can also be used figuratively to refer to a finishing touch of any sort.

While the correct pronunciation is similar to "coo de grahce". It (in english) is usually pronounced as "coo de gra"...with the final "s" sound being left out.
The elven hero, upon seeing his former nemesis struggling for breath, performed a quick coup de grace, ending its suffering.

George had never had much luck with these matters, and
after all that'd happened, losing his wallet was the coup de grace that spurred him to tears.
by LoSeR June 19, 2006
The ability of a Google search to find web pages for the person being searched.

Profesional, personal or social networking web pages will be pages listed in the search.
The googleability of her name makes it easy to find her My Space web pages.
by B. Foster April 28, 2008
It is used in referenced to google.
As google is a search engine you used google as the word find.
Q says "Wheres my hat?"

P says " im going to google dat for ya"
by Kayla babs March 15, 2008
A website's relevant value as determined by the Google search engine. The more "juice" a site has, the more likely it will turn up in search results. This is especially true when the search terms aren't the title of that site.

Google's particular method, known as PageRank, determines this importance according to who links what. If a high-ranking site links to a low-ranking one, that site will be given lots of juice. If a low-ranking site links to something, it doesn't have as much relevance. The text of the link also is taken into account.

Google Juice is very important in Search Engine Optimization. It's also the cause of cursed things like comment spam, link exchanges, and link blogs. This is collectively called spamdexing.
Fark linked me the other day and I got a ton of Google Juice. Now I'm the top result for "elderberry fisting gambit".
by Orin R. July 14, 2006
A phrase used when a statement one has previously made comes into question. This phrase can only be used when one is absolutely sure that the previous statement is factual. The "bitch" in question is the subject of the statement under question, which does not necessarily have to be female or canine.
"Did you know Coca-Cola originally had cocaine in it?"

"No way, that's an urban legend."

"Bullshit, Google that bitch."
by PohTayToez August 17, 2008