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Thesaurus for goochygobble

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for goochygobble

Ugly beyond all reasonable doubt.
That booty claps, but she fuckin muck!
by Z money cash $ fast $ slow $ September 12, 2009
182 80
what one says when one is afraid to say shit
Oh crap!
by refl3xive March 25, 2004
4201 789
Miscellaneous cruft or garbage. Colorful Southern term for schmutz (Yiddish), crud (Yankee) or other
unwanted marks, spots or streaks on a copy. Sounds like a contraction of "gratuitous doodoo", not as dangerous as the "deep doodoo" that plagued George the First, but equally annoying. See gradeau
Computer language: The syntax is clean, except for this gradoo in the join statement.
by Dave March 09, 2004
38 11
Grime is not garage
Grime is not jungle
Grime is not hip-hop and Grime is not ragga.
Grime is a mix between all of these with strong, hard hitting lyrics. It's the inner city music scene of London.
And is also alot to do with representing the place you live or have grown up in.
Grime Groups: Roll Deep Crew, Aftershock, Newham Generals, Boy Betta Know, Nasty Crew, Fireworks.

Grime Mc's: Kano, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Bashy, Jme, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff, Sway, Bruza, D Double E.
by Olly Thake May 09, 2006
541 161
some random shit you'd find on the bottom of your shoe or on the bottom of a desk at school.
"What the fuck, get this gunk off my shoe..."
by Rental December 12, 2006
100 41
An overly clumsy person who seems to have no control over his/her body.
"Did you trip up your heels AGAIN? You're such a mess!!"
by NZAzN K' October 17, 2003
165 99
To drool saliva.
Don't slobber on her shoulder when you dance with her.
by Dan Drzewiecki November 05, 2003
46 16
Slop is whatever is leftover or unwanted.
That guy Shawn has got some serious slop in his life.
by CLICKHERE4ANTHRAX February 17, 2010
61 27
verb: to spray with cum, or to smear cum over your partner's skin, crease, or crack after ejaculating.
After pounding her in the ass, he pulled out and spackled her crack.
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005
82 39