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someone who has the patience to read all the meanings of chutiya in here.
Abe chutiye aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?!
by Chituya December 11, 2003
Literal meaning = one who enjoys sex with ne's own sister
Usage : Often used as a cursory word, in the same way as "damn it!".
less frequently used with its literal meaning i.e One who performs sex with own sister.
Behenchod ! That car nearly drive over me!
The white men are behenchods
by S.V.RAO January 20, 2004
Dick-head, Prick
Tu saale ek dum lodu hai yaar.
by Ashish Chaddha August 06, 2003
Madarchod(HINDI)=Mother fucker(ENGLISH)

Most commonly/regularly used swear words by Indians/South-east
Asians.Categorized with similar incest swear words:bhenchod(sister fucker),betichod(daughter fucker)
Oye madarchod,tu yaha madarchod ka matlab dekne aaya hai
(hey mother fucker,you ve come here to check out the meaning of motherfucker?)

harami madarchod mujhe apna sutta de.
(mofo,gimme your fag).
by $partan December 21, 2006
bc is an abbreviation for the word because. it's used in msn and in short hand.
"I wasn't in school today bc i was feeling ill"
by Will 123 April 30, 2008
nA person (male or female) having very ugly face but they don't realize.Still they try do heavy make up and feel them selves as miss/mister world.

v Act erroneous and then appear dumb.
nSee he is looking like chuchundar.

nHindi version (Dekh na sala ko ...chuchundar jaysa dikh rha hai .)

v Hindi version: Ee samaan koun chachundar toda re..??
by anusandhan April 27, 2011
chutia in the literal meaning is - out of the chut (vagina) - but the word chutia in urdu and hindi means 'A fool' or 'idiot'
person 1 : "That guy just charged me double"
person 2 : "because you're a chutia"
by Bert Pereira May 22, 2005
Arguably the best free Flash game ever created. The game is a platformer by genre, with a few puzzle elements that come from the stunts you must pull involving jumps. N stands for Ninja, as you play a small stick figure ninja who is capable of running at very high speed, wall jumping, and jumping very long distances. The game has staying power due to the users' ability to make their own maps as well as play the levels other people create, though it could be months before you get through all the normal game's levels.

You must avoid a variety of enemies, all of which kill you brutally and violently (though it couldn't be called disturbing, he's only a stick figure) which is made extra entertaining due to the game's physics engine.
I almost got fired because I got caught playing N at work again. Dammit too, because I was *this* close to finally beating Episode 49!
by MuToiD_MaN July 01, 2005
In Hindi:Behen Ke Lode.
In English: Sisters dick.

***Facebook Chat***
1: Hi, Whats up?
2: BKL!!
by Spandyman September 08, 2012
a young law school hustler who is afraid of big human forms and loves bulldogs
that cha-man has kentlaw on lock
by c-drizzy November 30, 2006