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Thesaurus for g4tv

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for g4tv

A Television network that took great joy in acquiring TechTv only to utterly destroy it in less than a year. A perfect example of the continuing trend of the dumbing down of america, it is unlikely that g4 will finish out the year as it has lower ratings than the tv guide channel and the golf network. This is due in part to the fact that G4's target demographic (males 12-34) finds that channel simply ridiculous.
Bob: I would like to lose 5 million brain cells today...

Joe: Well bob, just turn g4.
by matt March 23, 2005
441 297
1.)someone who plays video games when bored...usually very good at it

2.) someone who plays video games as a hobby
frank::dude i can't belive you got your ass kicked at halo by a fucking 10 year old....jesus fuck man i thought you were a gamer
by anonymous April 07, 2003
1354 474
Great 1980's Hardcore Punk Band from the UK. Originating in the time period famously known as UK 82 along other bands like The Exploited, Blitz, G.B.H (Charged), The Business, The Adicts, and many more
Punk# 1: Man did you hear Gods Are Born In The USA by Disorder

Punk# 2: Hell yeah im glad we listen to great music and not crap like blink 182 and Greenday
by Chirs Stiller September 07, 2009
17 14
The greatest substance known to man,Worshipped by pagans, exploited by me!
Everybody loves cheese
by Carpman May 14, 2003
4620 1388
either an interjection used when one disapproves of something, or a verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck.
1] "you actually bought that? FAIL"
2] "this movie fails."
by jack July 22, 2003
3820 613
A problem or pain caused by extensive game playing.
Gamer Palm is a Gamer Disorder that happens to Computer Gamers.

Gamer Thumb is a Gamer Disorder that happens at the thumb.
by Command Sergent Major Ryan July 10, 2008
2 0
A very fun thing to do, usually done infront of a computer or a tv that has a console in it.
Gaming is very fun, I do it every day
by some guy who lives in a house January 14, 2006
377 70
Abbreviation for: Never Ending Whiner's Society.. definition: A group of frustrated women and,or woosy men get together in breakrooms,chatboards,bars,homes and Whine,bitch,complain about stupid,dumb,meaningless things like: people, place's, opinions,idea's,family,any and everything under the sun basically
Hey Tom! check it out there goes the NEWS third time today (2)Hey honey, where you been? out with the NEWS again?(3) Shut the Hell up I'm so F#@$ing tired of hearing what you and your NEWS feel about what color I should paint this !
by Richer Paumade October 09, 2006
227 43
Is a combination of the words Blog and Podcast. Used to describe a blog like podcast about the lives of people done on some form of Instant Messaging Service then is shared with a small fan base where it is discussed and treasured as one of gods many creations.
guy 1: "dude, that blogcast about that blonde fag being hated on by that other guy RAWKS!"

guy 2: "yea, what's it called? idiots anonymous? i love that shit, yo"
by Dark Ranic October 20, 2008
0 0
Please see Kevin Federline
You see that greasy, dirty, no-talent loser over there? The one with a filthy wifebeater who looks like he just fell out of a trailer home and thinks he can rap? That guy is a douchbag.
by BM2006 January 25, 2006
941 268