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Thesaurus for fuck ugly

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for fuck ugly

shorter word for "fucking ugly"
oh shit that girl is fugly
by j.r. October 16, 2001
8535 682
Result of being hit with an ugly stick.
Your kid didn't just get hit with an ugly stick, he got hit with the whole damn tree!
by Bane August 06, 2003
5981 1098
A woman who is not just fat but fugly too. Comes from the joining of Crocodile and Pig.
Man, that bitch is a total crocopig
by Maddam January 20, 2009
0 4
Your giving your grandmother a kiss and she slips her tongue in.
oh dear lord that is disgusting!
by superdupercool July 27, 2006
984 203
noun. Someone who is excessively ugly; one who has surpassed the limit of being fuck ugly; someone who is ugly to the point they are actually slightly cute, such as the small dog-like creature from the movie evolution.
Fugly dumplings can often times be misconstrued as being fat people, possibly due to its similar sound to the word plump. granted some fat people are fugly dumplings, but obese is not a synonym for fuck ugly.
That there skank-vagina gave the man a blumpkin, AFTER she received an alaskan flaming dragon. and what a fugly dumpling, but they're both nasty if you ask me.

Hulk Hogan is a fugly dumpling.

Never before had i seen a fugly dumpling of such magnitude.
by Sunshin3 May 24, 2010
2 1
Pronounced: AHm-Bo
noun. Any typically white individual with a physical attribute in excess designating them as belonging to a circus; a physically abnormal human being; an extraordinarily different individual, in some cases considered a pariah because of their defining physical characteristics. One who is fuck ugly

an ombo could have excess skin, hair, teeth, fingers, shortness in height, eyes, or lack thereof.

the word ombo is typically paired with the words fuck, fucking, creepy, or nuts, such as ombo nuts in "this guy is ombo nuts" which can be considered a compliment, if pride is taken in such a quality.
look at all these fucking ombos, get 'em outta here!

holy shit! look at jay leno's chin! he's like an ombo!

dude, i can't look at you, you're like fucking ombo nuts
by Sunshin3 May 24, 2010
1 1
Carnival workers. Good, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, good-for-nothing, unreliable, foul-smelling vagrants who work at our nation's (USA) carnivals.

Do not let these people into your homes.
The effing carnie sat on the couch and now we have to burn it... and him. Wheres my wallet?
by the_guy January 14, 2005
329 183
According to Hollywood, What you are if you are a female weighing over 100 lbs.
Nicole Richie apparently thought she was fat, now she looks like a nine-year old boy.
by BigPapa September 28, 2005
11096 2143
n. a person who likes to do kinky shit in bed or have sex a lot
v. to have intercourse or makeout
n. That guy is a huge freak.
v. She likes to freak on a regular basis.
by dmplesUT December 11, 2002
2930 1036
A device for measuring Fugliness. Measures in Fuglitons and SI/m3 (Suicide intent per metre cubed)
"Hey Mark is that a Fuglometer there?" Answer "No why?" "Well you know we could use something to start conversation and we are in a pretty icky part of town."
by gnujunkie December 16, 2011
2 0