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Thesaurus for fr00diest

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for fr00diest

Hyper-exciting. Seriously cool, coolest. Fr00diest. Something so incredibly exciting that it is completely indescriptionable.
That was the excitingest thing to have happened since the last time something exciting happened!
by Morden June 18, 2008
Something which defies description utterly, is completely transcendental of description to the point where anyone attempting to describe that which is indescriptionable is eventually left hugging themselves in a corner of the room, rocking slowly and drooling while gibbering meaninglessly. A step beyond the merely indescribable.
Man, that shit is indescriptionable.
by Morden June 18, 2008
I had the indescriptionablest sex last night.
by Morden June 19, 2008
adj.- a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.

n.- an extremist of a belief or a rebel
Did you see Tony Hawk pull off the 900? It was a radical move.
by Brendan aka Benj June 05, 2004