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Thesaurus for fabray

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A musical comedy series, also described as if High School Musical was punched in the stomach and had it's lunch money stolen.
I saw the promo for glee this summer and couldn't stop playing Don't stop beliveing in my iPod!
by kurtsie386 November 26, 2009
2090 747
The nickname for the Glee pairing of Rachel and Quinn using the actresses' last names, Michele and Agron.
Oh my God, everyone is obsessed with Finchel but I love Achele!
by Gleegoo April 19, 2011
273 80
A police car. The red lights on old cop cars looked like a berry on top of an ice cream. "Berry flashing those high beams" refers to a cop behind your car signalling for you to pull over.
"Didn't even see a berry flashing those high beams" -- Ice Cube
by ac January 31, 2004
241 75
A portmanteau of the names 'Fabray' and 'Berry', characters from the popular television series 'Glee'. Quinn Fabray, a knocked-up cheerleader, blonde and beautiful; Rachel Berry, a talented singer on the bottom of the social ladder, brunette, petite, hot and socially awkward.

It may seem impossible and also implausible, but the shippers claim to have found proof of this ship happening. It is also insanely, unbelievably hot. The UST between them is, apparently, undeniable.
Example 1
Non-Faberry Shipper: This ship cannot possibly exist.

Faberry shipper: Oh but it does! Do recall the pornographic bathroom wall pictures, the longing stares in 'Keep Holding On', the hearts around Quinn's doodles of Rachel in the Madonna episode and- do you really want me to keep going?

Converted-now-Faberry-shipper: No, it's fine.

Example 2
Person: Oh god, why won't Ryan Murphy let Faberry make out already? Why?
by JayTee815 August 09, 2010
948 86