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Thesaurus for fa sho

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for fa sho

Response as in agreement with another.
"We should totally go to that show."
"For sure."
by Madison February 13, 2005
For sure; yes; okay
Are you going to Jam For the Lamb tonight Mike? -Like fo sho I am!
by Mike Hillsing May 19, 2004
1) An affirmative answer to a question, the opposite of no.
2) An expletive shouted out during an orgasm.
3) A British progressive rock (or art rock) group known for their hits "Roundabout" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart".
4) A brand of laundry detergent in the US.
1) Yes, I'm horny.
3) Let's listen to Yes.
4) I need to wash clothese, where's the Yes?
by LudwigVan March 12, 2004
meaning for sure, or definitely. Like how white people say totally
"Girl did you get that money from yo' nigga like you said you would?"
"FA SHO!!"
by AVAIAE FULLER February 20, 2004
yeah we can get down to business or do something
"Is you going to the movies." "Fa Show"
by J Smooth September 26, 2005
The answer to any question.
Q. What time is it?
A. Yeah.
by where am i? February 14, 2005
Say this to show that you're in agreement with a statement someone has made.
Kitty: Crystal is a real bitch.
Kimmy: For real.
by JB September 26, 2003
The correct way to spell the oft misused DEFINATELY.
Note that "finite" appear in the word, stresing the "limits" that the definition below implies.

having distinct or certain limits
free of all ambiguity, uncertainty, or obscurity <demanded a definite answer> b : UNQUESTIONABLE, DECIDED <the quarterback was a definite hero today>

def·i·nite·ly adverb
People should definitely pay more attention to proper spelling and grammar.
by starx March 08, 2005
a combination of "fa sho" and "chyeah", A.K.A. "chyea;" a display of utmost agreement
"Wanna watch "Dodgeball" this weekend 5 times straight?"
"Fa shyeah!"
by Double J's February 21, 2008
of course, for sure
You: You gonna come out and have some drinks tonight?
Me: Oh, fo show!
by Marshow May 14, 2003