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Thesaurus for expertisio

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for expertisio

An ailment characterized by the need to expound on a given topic beyond actual knowledge. The advanced sufferers are often unaware of the condition, loosing the ability to distinguish opinion from fact. Unfortunately there is currently no cure for Expert Syndrome, much like Catholicism.
Did you hear Karl going on about kernel internals at lunch? He has a serious case of Expert Syndrome.
by John Kintz January 16, 2006
Used to describe the leader of a pack of idiots. The Uber Idiot is the dumbest member of the pack.

Caompare to the alpha dog in a pack
Wow I spent that whole meeting trying to figure out who the alpha idiot on this project is.
by Fred Farnance January 14, 2005
(1.)Someone Who thinks they knew how to do something but actually just screwed everything up. (2.)Someone who goes into a serious explanation of doing something fairly simple or unimportant like how to drive a bumper car. (3.) When something just doesn't work how you want it to. (4.) an Idiot...Nub
for 1st def:

Person: Man I really need to fix my computer.

Expert: No problem I'll help.

Person: You freakin EXPERT! You just erased my hard drive.

2nd def:
*In line to ride the bumper cars*

Expert: Now son you need to get a little distance so you can pick up speed then you want to hit them in the side.....ect.

*also in line behind expert watching him talk to his son*

Person: Expert bumper cars! Dang leave the kid alone.

3rd def:

*trying to call a friend and your cell phone says the network is busy* after the third time....

Person: expert network busy..Dang!
or when friend answers you can call him expert network busy!
by Ronnie Hill May 02, 2006
Diarrhea of the mouth. The inability to shut up
I was talking to bob the other day and it took him 2 hours to shut the fuck up about his new car. he must have Logorrhea
by masteroffire May 07, 2010
a person who knows everything about everything; kent kovalsky
"dude i don't like Dell computers. but i honestly think that enterprise Linux is one important component to a successful UNIX Migration"
"no its not"
"how would you know? do you think you're kent or something?"
by i know the expert April 20, 2005
A bastardization of "extra-sensory". A term used by someone claiming to have superior knowledge outside a standard Google search. Used mostly by armchair professors claiming to be experts in a particular field, but don't wish to supply proof of a valid degree.
"As someone who works in healthcare*, I have extra-googular sources that prove the gay gene."

*Poster is a bedpan-changer at a nursing home.
by Paulywalnutz December 18, 2007
Fountain Of All Knowledge, or someone who's a fucking know-it-all.
I hate Tim because he's such a foak.
by Reamy June 26, 2006
Loud-mouthed person who talks a lot, but nothing with any value - as in shite coming out of their gob
"Shut it, you little gobshite!"
by - August 04, 2002
1.A person who thinks they are so much smarter than everyone else in the world.

2. A nerd with a giant ego.
"Whatever you say Professor."
by Leahann October 10, 2006