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Thesaurus for earthbound

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The kid from the video "Earthbound"
Who also appeared in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Ness wins!
by Earthbound Factory 69 May 13, 2004
Sorry, your request to search for Giygas was absorbed by the darkness.
a fabulous name, anyone who has it should be proud, spontaneous (good in bed) ;) usually very sexy tall & thin (except for the few UNLUCKY Jeff's out there)
DAMN BITCH! Jeff is so fine
by 123456princessbabieeee February 05, 2008
Random word when someone says something random and annoying
Annoyance: "Ewww, What's that"
You: "Your MOTHER!!"

Annoyance: "Miss,What are we doing 2day"
You: "Your MOTHER!!"

Annoyance: "This work is so easy, Miss"
You: "Just like...your MOTHER!!"

Annoyance: "Peanut"
You: "Your MOTHER!!"
by kimmy booth March 29, 2005
What God plays when he's playing video games.
You: Damn, God. You rule at F-Zero.
God: Damn straight, playa. I've been practicing for nine millenia.
by Beanchan April 17, 2005
The Mr. Saturn are an alien race from the video game EarthBound (called Mother 2 in Japan). They are also present in its Japan-only sequel Mother 3.

They are gentle, cute, small and pink creature. Their body consist of a round face, two short legs, two dark round eyes, one big nose, stylish whiskers, large eyebrows and a single string of hair. All Mr. Saturn wear a red ribbon on their hair, except for one in Mother 3 that wanted to travel incognito by wearing a scarf on his head.

Mr. Saturn have their own unique way of speaking called Saturnian. Their in-game script are also written in big, strange dialect. Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother/EarthBound games stated that the Japanese version of this dialect is meant to resemble his daughter's handwriting. Mr. Saturn also finish most of their phrases with strange sounds/words like "Ding Ding", "Boing", or "Zoom".

Despite their gentle nature and cute figure, Mr. Saturn are also really smart. They even helped Apple Kid and Dr. Andonuts build the Phase Distorter, a devise capable of taking Ness and his friends back in time in order for them to defeat Giygas, the Ultimate Cosmic Destroyer.

Other skills known to Mr. Saturn are ladder-building, the maintenance and rejuvenation of rusty old objects, and coffee-making.

Mr. Saturn also appears in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee and its sequel Brawl as a throwable item which, while not doing lots of damage or knockback, are great as shield breakers.
Guy: Wow, I don't know what the Mr. Saturn put in their coffee, but I have to find one of those!

by The Nameless French Doctor December 22, 2008
Natural beauty, exotic, very unique
"Did you see that girl last night, thats a Paula"
by Alpecka24 August 12, 2008
Poo well, they're are many types of poo in this universe

There is

THE SWEETCORN - Poo that has leftover sweetcorn from last night's dinner

THE PELLETS - Little pellets of poo that comes out of your ass like a machine gun

THE FIREBALL - A big poo that really hurts and leaving your ass hot, usually happens after a curry

THE SLIPPY - A poo that swiftly moves out of your bottom that requires no wiping

THE WATERHOSE - When a massive monsoon of shit comes out of your bottom and requires hours of wiping

THE NEVERENDING STORY - An amazing acheivment is when a poo goes on and on and on.......

THE STEAMY HEAPY - Boy, That is basically ONE MASSIVE SHIT!!!!!!!

THE STICKY - When you have a poo stuck onto the hairs of your crack and requires hours of wiping (maybe a pair of scissors)
Donkeys do massive stickies and rabbits do a hell of a load of pellets
by Fiona Moore-O'toole January 11, 2005
A.K.A. EarthBound in America. It sold poorly here in America, but a lot of fans enjoy it a lot in both Japan and America today.
MOTHER 2/EarthBound will not go into the Video Game Graveyard where a lot of E.T. cartridges for the Atari 2600 are buried.
by frodaddy March 16, 2005
People from outerspace. Generally peace loving and wise, they've come to Earth because we've got velcro and they love that shit
I've got some Aliens living in my basement
by Quicksand Jesus May 02, 2004