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WWE a.k.a World Wrestling Entertainment a.k.a John Cena overcoming the odds.
The WWF was real entertainment. But the WWE is slowly becoming an abomination.
by Rememberme August 04, 2007
The greatest wrestler in the WWE today. Triple H is a terrific actor, a skilled wrestler, and really knows how to make you love to hate the guy.
"Man, I hate Triple H, but he's so damn cool!"
by ECW For Life May 20, 2005
A laughing face. Hey, it's better than lol.
When I was walking to the mall my friends got hit by a car and were killed XD
by Johnson March 29, 2003
A term used by the legendary wrestling group, the D-Generation-X, which is often used to imply that you want someone to put their mouth on your dick and suck it like a lollipop.
Hey everyone! We got two words for ya...

SUCK IT!!!!!
by ThePowersThatBe February 15, 2004
One of the most influential stables in the history of professional wrestling. First emerging in October of 1997, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Triple H began going against the establishment, and getting the crowds behind them doing it. The D-X lineup changed in March of 98, after Shawn Michaels lost the WWE Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin and suffered a back injury that kept him out of wrestling for 4 years. Triple H added Billy Gunn (currently Kip James in TNA), Road Dogg Jesse James (currently B.G. James in TNA) and X-Pac (going by his real name Sean Waltman in TNA). The group enjoyed great success both in the ring and with the fans, until Triple H turned his back on D-X, siding with Vince McMahon's corporation in 1999. D-X would occasionaly reunify, but was silenced permanently in 2003.
"If you're not down with D-Generation X then I've got 2 words for ya......SUCK IT!!!!!"
-quote from Triple H
by screwallfacistpigs August 24, 2005
The word the Knights of Ni cannot hear or say.
by Chris December 14, 2002
1)a japanese economy car
2)a car that teenager's rich parents buy them as a cheap relaiable transportation, but then they fuck it all up by putting huge fart cans and spoilers on then trying to drive fast and race everyone and thinking they are really cool but everyone is really just laughing at them because they are so goddamn stupid.
I drive a CIVIC, its so fast, last night I raced some kid on his tricycle and it was close but I beat him because my spoiler added an extra 20hp so that was the reason I won.
by RICEFUCKER April 12, 2003
Faction within the WWF (currently WWE),originated in September 1997 with founding memebrs Shawn Michaels (HBK-The Heartbreak Kid), Triple H (Hunter Hearst Hemsley), Chyna, and Ravishing Rick Rude. Known for outragous,controversal behavior, and are perhaps most know for "cratch chops"--essentially pointing to their crotches while screaming "SUCK IT"!!!!!
DeGeneration-X is the most controversal faction in the history of Pro Wrestling.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
DXC-(Down syndrome core) people who look like they have severe down syndrom when really they are just fucking ugly.
damn that chicks face is so messed up looks like she has down syndrome
by Nigga say wah? May 01, 2005
From gay scene, involves actions and techniques that get you close to orgasm and hold it "at the edge" for a long time (even hours). At that point, you either have a very intense orgasm, or else you might even choose not to have it at all and just save it for another day. Saying that your into edging implies that you want to participate in a lengthy, intense, sex-play scene.
Seen a lot in personal ads as either "edging" or else someone will use the word "edge" as if it were a verb.

"GWM, 24, into edging..." (or)
"GWM, 24, loves to edge, seeks..."
by Jack August 15, 2004