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Thesaurus for dreep

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for dreep

A case of clamydia or gonorrhea where as a males penis drips or leaks pus, urin, seamen unwillingly due to the infection.
Scooby: " Did you hear Jo Jo's dick got the Drips ?"

Short T : " no man! Thats what he gets for fucken around with these nasty hoes. "
by She She January 18, 2006
289 74
1. To knock someone over, usually associated with the first hit in a fight.
2. To spend (generally a lot of) money; to buy something.
3. To release an album.

1. An expensive car/convertible. (see whip)
1. I'm gonna drop that kid if he don't back the f*** off.
2. Nigga, I dropped 500 G's on these rocks.
3. Nelly dropped two albums at once this week and they both at the top of the charts.

1. We just got back from the Bentley dealership, bro, you seen the new drop?
by g $ mikey September 26, 2004
830 271
An underage hot girl. Must be under 18. Must be at least mildly attractive.
Dude, yer sister is a total preed. When is she turning 18?

Why are all the Chinese gymnasts preeds? They all look 12.
by jethay! April 13, 2011
42 6
Shamrock + Dragon = Shragon. Symobolic mixture of Irish and Chinese ethnic backgrounds.
Shamrock + Dragon = Shragon.
by Rob K........... July 27, 2007
30 8
Liverpudlian slang word for Police
Da, Fuckin Bizzies got me for speedin'
by BizLas November 30, 2003
153 27
To use exemplary skill and stickhandling ability to manoevre oneself around the ice. Often displaying a variety of sickmoves.
Mario Lemieux has some sick dangles
by daniel miles March 16, 2005
497 180
to wrap yourself in a blanket and smother other peoples belongings until they are yours...forever...
let play a game and descend upon grunbeck and his stuff
by Luinis Mok October 28, 2007
7 16
Possibly the best mythical creature known to this day.
Trogdor was a man. I mean, he was a dragon-man. Or maybe he was just a dragon!
by Kenthar March 20, 2003
1406 337
D - Dedication/Desire
R - Responsibilty
E - Education
A - Atitude
M - Motivation

You Need DESIRE, Will Power To Achieve
Go To School You Need EDUCATION
Keep A Positive ATITUDE With You
Set A Goal To MOTIVATE Yourself

Real Talk Kid
Nate Dogg: I Don't Like To D.R.E.A.M About Gettin' Paid

Classic Song From 1 Of Tha Greatest Albums 'Dogg Food' By 'Tha Dogg Pound' in 95'
by Spice Method July 10, 2010
488 54