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A telephone
I've got Arnie on the blower, and he wants to come over.
by balbulican February 27, 2004
to steal
I looked out my window the other day and saw this dude trying to boost my ride, so I shot him in the face.
by OnE LoVe August 10, 2003
Men's best companion. Often referred as "My wife".
"Dude! Where's my car?"
by Anon May 06, 2003
(Challenger II) One of the Best Army Tanks in the world, utilised by the British armed forces. It is the size of a large garage, weighs over 60 tonnes and carries enough of an armoury to wipe out a far greater number of T55 Soviet tanks as was proved in Iraq.
I'd much rather be in a Challenger II than one of the 14 odd T55's that got destroyed
by Wattsie May 09, 2006
Used to be a title showing a capability to mix and scratch existing music to create a new sound (the equivalent of the digital match-up artists of today), but now anyone who has made a track line-up on a tape or burned CD has the same talent of the self-proclaimed narcissistic DJs of today who for some reason buy their material on LP even though all they're doing is fading at the end of one track into the beginning of the next.
"Oh, don't you love DJ NeonMonkeyJizz, he's so talented, I mean, the way he fades between tracks is just so perfect it's..." **SLAP** "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
by Dagmar Geech August 15, 2005
a place everyone wants to get the hell out of..
"nobody that graduates from my school goes to an out of state college. fuck that, i'm getting the hell out of dodge..."

no, dodge is not the name of my town. it's just an expression
by |< /\ /\/ 3 |> |-| /-\ /\/ June 10, 2005
Improved Definition: Snotrod is one of the four young street racers from the Disney/Pixar film, Cars. He is a 1971 Pro Street Plymouth 'Cuda, sporting a custom grill, "Hemi-orange" paint, phantom decals, Torque Thrust D rims, redline tires, a large blower with an over-sized air scoop, Zoomie exhaust pipes and orange under glows. Also his body style closely resemble that of the new Dodge Challenger concept car. Snotrod normally lags a few car lengths behind his pack buddies; Boost, DJ and Wingo to allow braking distance for his super-charged sneezes which tend to add on an uncontrollable burst of speed.

Boost: "Oh no... Snotrod!" Wingo: "He's gonna blow!!"

by T.Ractorhead November 23, 2006

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