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Cheeswhiz is what happens when your dick hole is so impacted with dick cheese that when you try to pee, your whiz sprays in unpredictable directions. Like a broken sprinkler head or split water pipe.
Floyd's wife, Mildred was quite pissed when she found that his Cheeswhiz had soaked the fresh roll of toilet paper and her new flower print shower curtain.

Oscar knew he was in for a real asswhoopin' when he noticed his cheeswhiz had just hit the big biker at the urinal next to him.
by Kobiashi Maru September 21, 2008
A cheesy-like residue found anywhere within a meter of human genitalia. Usually of a sharper taste and smell than regular dick cheese. Leading to the endearment "Old Cheddar Head". Some people contend that dick cheddar is the source of the original cheese ball.
Grandpa's shorts were so impacted with dick cheddar, our dog, Pooner wrestled them from him and buried the nasty garment out back, behind the shed.
by Kobiashi Maru May 22, 2008
A white crusty substanace that forms all on and around the penis when a man hasn't washed it after sex or at all in a long time
baby, you better take care of that dick cheese before you think i'm going down on ya
by jmae8313 March 28, 2005
a very annoying, irrational, rude person...a poor excuse for a human being
Russ is being such a dickhole right now.
by kevin t. April 12, 2003
First Date Sex. When a first date goes well and ends in sex.
I warned Jane that 90% of guys on OkCupid were looking for FDS.
by rhymereviser April 05, 2013
The filmy layer of film that builds up underneath a man's sweaty ball sack. In French: fromage du sac

See also: Sack cheese scraper
At Beth's house warming she served one of the finest, creamiest most aromatic sack cheeses I've ever had!
by Willy B. Jackenoff January 24, 2004
cum shot that lasts longer than 10 seconds and extremely powerful
dude i cock blasted her so hard that she flew 5 feet
by champagne_campaign October 07, 2007
The number one cause of blindness in females ages 13-40.
She was blinded by the hot cumshot.
by Da Nut Slinga August 27, 2003
An aerosol spray sold in sex shops that desensitises the penis in order to delay ejaculation.
"The delay spray crap that some sites sell will just numb out your dick (and your lover's pussy or ass), and it won't make you last any longer." (, 'I Can't Feel My Ass')
by Wrench January 20, 2006

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