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Thesaurus for damperfan

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The official podcast of generation Y. A podcast where two hosts discuss the "yes list" which consists of five topics which the hosts say yes or no to. The Dampercast also consists of reoccurring segments including "United States of Status" where they can show the ignorance of facebook users. Dampercast is a podcast by guys for guys where the most important facts of life are discussed and scrutinized. Subscribe via itunes.
My Damperclan loves listening to Dampercast at the University of Portland whilst sipping on miller high life and dampertinis.
by ParPutt June 15, 2009
A group of people who religiously listen to the podcast Dampercast, the official podcast of generation Y on iTunes.
My friends and I started a Damperclan because we all thoroughly enjoy listening to dampercast at the University of Portland whilst drinking Miller High Life.
by ParPutt May 25, 2009
An online audio blog. Term invented by Adam Curry. A broadcast file which is commonly downloaded on an iPod or other MP3 hardware for mobile listening. Can also be played directly from your computer.
Their weekly podcast, Pop Goes The Culture, covered popular culture topics of the day.
by Susie Watson March 28, 2005
Quite funny. Generally used when making fun, or talking about making fun of other people.
Ben H's face is hilariously ugly.

Wasn't it hilarious when Ben H's mom slapped him for being so ugly?
by NotCharles March 02, 2005
A stupid ass music downloading programme run by Apple in order to get songs onto your iPod. At 79p per track, it would cost me around £3950 to fill my iPod.
79p per track? Fuck that.
by Biddy July 16, 2005
The champagne of beers.
Sorry i drank it all.
by Rexall October 26, 2003
A term the British use to describe everything.
I's brilliant in't it? Right, yah, bloody brilliant. Wha' is? Oh, yah, right, brilliant. Bloody brillant.
by Lord Russell August 12, 2004
When someone else gets hurt.
Dude, John just smacked his head on the car door! It was as funny as the time Lisa got bitten by her pet goat!
by Karet Stik August 04, 2007
Todays teenagers. Growing up with too much information being pushed upon them, usually about DEATH and THE WORLD ENDING. Thus making them constantly ask "WHY?" as their addiction to information becomes stronger.
"hey generation y, there's just in.. YOU ARE ALL going to DIE in a terrorist attack!"

"when I grow up I want to be a researcher in nuclear physics or find a cure for cancer"


"well this planet's fucked lets see if we can find another one to live on"

"studies show that being healthy ISN'T REALLY AS HEALTHY AS YOU THINK!"
by chris penney November 07, 2005