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Thesaurus for daaaaaaaaa

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for daaaaaaaaa

1. a booze hound
2. someone with an affinity for ripping bingers and the like
3. properly, Daas = Bongjammin Domski
1. You finished that 30-rack already?! You're such a daas!
2. Share the bubbla, you daas.
3. Yo, Daas, can I crank a butt? Over by the window? It won't smell or anything!
by Andy609 April 14, 2008
a certain laugh, the laugh can contain as many a's as necessary to get the desired effect
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! his face
when a person or a situation is too hard to describe with words

can also have as many "A"s as you want, but it has to be more than 4
dude, i fucked this girl last night, and she turned out to be a dude.

by Colby Newman May 22, 2008