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An Asshole
Quit being such a culero
by Mo July 17, 2003
a small, cute ass; diminutive of culo.
An asshole.
An idiot.
"What a cute culito she has!!"

"Preparen el culito," The Aregentine soccer team shouted to the British team before their big match. ("Prepare your asshole," presumably for a good cornholing for the British after they lose the match).
by Mantino May 13, 2006
Spanish translation for "ass"
"Mira ese culo." - "Look at that ass."

"¿Viste su culo? - "Did you see her ass?"
by Nugg March 02, 2007
1. Verb - to press up against or to jostle.
2. Noun - the end part of a rifle or shotgun or machinegun that rests against the shoulder or pectoral muscles to increase stability during firing.
3. Noun - the part of a human being that knows wind and earth. The buttocks and anus of a person.
4. Noun - the recipient or target of a joke.
Ever since Father O'Malley was caught butting that butt into that young choirboy's butt, he has become the butt of many cruel jokes.
by HMB April 11, 2003
A person with "money to burn" is automatically viewed as an asshole by the "Have-Nots".
He has three trucks and two boats,certainly seems like an A$$hole.
by Waboa February 01, 2009
A girl with a nice, big, round, juicy booty.
"Like Me"
That girl got the tightess apple bottom I've ever seen!!!

She got an apple bottom.

Her apple bottom is like wo!!!
by Tierra November 25, 2003
Gut Face in spanish
este care mondongo si e come mierda disque que su mujer es Walter Mercado. Walter Mercado e un bugarron...
by Gdubs4 May 23, 2009
Coolo - is the misspelled pronunciation of the spanish word culo wich means ass, so when somebody is called a coolo that doesn't really mean something cool.
Sarcasm - you are so cool that im going to call you a coolo.
Insult - you are a big stinking coolo.
by Katan7 July 05, 2009
Spanish for HUGE ass.

see culo for ass.
see culito for small ass.
Esa jeva tiene un culaso!
Translation: That bitch has a HUGE ass.
by papi sanchez April 02, 2005

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