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A restaurant with its headquarters in Wilbraham MA. Its the place to go after football games and when there is absolutly nothing to do.
Jon:What are we going to do tonight? There is nothing going on.

Bob: Well we're going to end up at Friendlys anyway, so we might as well go now.
by sdkguhrg March 06, 2006
Good looking, beautiful, great, hot
Dang that girl look gracious!
by Young Mike April 20, 2009
This is another word for an African American. Right after slavery wasnt excepted in todays world, people started calling the blacks that worked for them "the help" so therefor they are "helpful". Donot get helpful mixed with any other kind of blacks, helpfuls will actually work and be nice about it... they know there place!
man, this is alot of cotton to pick, where is "the help" when you need it?

Sue- That black man was very nice by holding the door for me.

Me- Yes, He was very "helpful"
by G22 November 18, 2010
funny or entertaining
that maggie pollard girl is awfully humorous! she really makes me laugh and entertains me!
by pollpollisfuckingawesomefosho April 06, 2010
niceness. saying the words "thank you" "excuse me" and "please".
don't be rude; be polite.
by tanyawesome August 27, 2008

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