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1. An abbreviation of Chevrolet, an American car manufacturer owned by General Motors.
"Hank sure has a nice Chevy"
by Tom September 17, 2003
875 540
Short version of the Corvette.
C5 Z/06: 1.0g skidpad stock (@ 15k less than a Porsche and 220k less than a Ferrari)

C3 ZL-1: 0-60 in 3.6 sec, 1/4-mile in 10.6 sec @ 125+ mph
by Myajd jdg July 29, 2005
140 24
Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques

Some cars from Chevrolet are nice like the C6 Corvette, but most of them are just...junk!!!
by import_killer March 07, 2006
695 600
An American legend. The original pony car and muscle car, born on April 17th 1964. The car all other manufacturers tried tried and are still trying to emulate. 1964-1973 first generation Mustangs are considered classics, 1974-1986 were not so good. 1987-1993 are the popular Fox body, and 1994 to present Mustangs are sweet, esp. 1999-present. A new generation will begin for model year 2005.

Ultimate Mustangs include the 1969-70 Boss 429, Any Shelby Mustang, any Cobra, and any Saleen, Mach 1, Boss 302, GT's, etc. GT's are always great and are very reasonably priced.

To everyone who is bashing the Mustang, a few words. Camaros and Firebirds may be quicker than most GT's, but 1) They look like crap (except WS-6 Trans Am) and 2) I'd like to see either of them step up to the 2003 Cobra or any Saleen, and 3) Oh wait, GM discontinued them because they can't sell any.

For the Japanese cars will the silly winey exhaust.....putting 500 HP in a Civic is like putting Granite Counter Tops and a Plasma TV into your mobile home at the trailer park....why bother? Why not spend the money on a nicer unit first? Now, a 3000 GT or Supra is nice, but a stock Saleen s351r with 510 HP, yes stock with 510, will eat any stock Japanese car (including NSX), and most souped up ones. Put a few dollars under the hood of that Saleen and look out, no beefed Japanese car will touch it.

Mustangs are the best.
Dude, I just spend $90,000 on my Honda Civic and put 17 turbos on the 75 HP 4 cylinder, and that Mustang Saleen s351r just beat me by 9 car lengths.
by BruinsFan78 August 23, 2003
1904 1123
Men's best companion. Often referred as "My wife".
"Dude! Where's my car?"
by Anon May 06, 2003
1213 342
A sports car is a vehicle made for speed, generally has a very sleek body with a very low drag-coefficient.

A good example of that is a Chevrolet Corvette, which are fuckin' sexy as hell and faster than any other 'sports' car in its 40-70k range. It weighs anywhere between 3100 pounds to 3400 if you're looking at the C6's, and has a drag coefficient of about .35. The brand fuckin' new vettes --Blue Devil/Z07/ZR-1-- weighs about 3350lbs, has an LS9 supercharged 6.2L V-8. About 620HP stock, and tops out at around 220mph. It sells a little over 100k.

A bad example of that would be a Ford Mustang. A Mustang is a MUSCLE car, because it weighs about 2 tons, (nearly 4000lbs) and has a drag coefficient around .40. A Mustang is NOT made for speed. The Fifth-Generation Stangs are just about the only attractive Stangs ever manufactured. You'll get anywhere from 300HP to 400HP depending on if and what kind of upgrades/mods you get in it.

Also, in my opinion, I think Ford and Mustang is just straight shit because Ford doesn't care about quality these days; Mustangs generally have a shitty V6 engine, and it's Ford so its Only Fast Rolling Downhill. You'll eventually pay 2-fold for all the repairs, which, with the monies you spent on your Stang, will come out to roughly 40-50k, so you might as well just buy something else besides a Ford, like a Chevy.

I hope this clears up all the bs where people compare a Vette and a Stang.. they're from two completely different categories.. srsly. I don't think Ford even makes Sports Cars.
educated bamf: stfu n00b, vette=sports car stang=muscle car kayy?
retard: ohsnap im a t@rd
by =]]] April 10, 2008
66 39
A beautiful, ungodly fast car that can be picked up for about $8000 and will shit on your eurotrash wannabe porsche's or Jags and your homo-erotic ricer club boyz.

hands down the most bang for your buck
give me $1200 for suspsension, and my camaro will embarass your expensive imports all day long on the track.

the only way to make a camaro vs. import race interesting is to start in 3rd gear.
by Pi Kappa Alpha December 23, 2003
1951 1335
An automotive vehicle from the 40's, 50's, 60's, or 70's characterized by big displacement V-8s, big tires, chrome wheels, dual exhuast, racing stripes or flames, blowers, and speed.
"In a 15 year bloom, before tightening emission regulations and rocketing gas prices stamped extinct on an entire breed of cars in the '70s, America's automobile industry produced the most memorable cars built anywhere, anytime: "The American Muscle Car." While today's modern squeaky clean cars may approach the performance numbers put up 35 years ago, they will never duplicate the rush generated by 400-plus cubic inches fighting for tracion through period bias-ply tires. Pity today's car enthusiasts who think variable valve timing is the hot setup."
-Bruce Armstrong
by Wicked76 September 28, 2003
605 131
A girl or guy who is quick to engage in sexual activities.
Damn that slut was fast.
by SpeedDemon February 28, 2005
433 119
Late generation performance package Corvette. Runs high 12 second quarter miles stock. Utilizes a 346 cubic inch all aluminum V8. Routinely see modified variants running 10 second quarter miles.
My Z06 is faster than nearly every import brought to the states.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
101 42