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Thesaurus for clampit

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for clampit

A fuckin jerk off, dumb Person
George W Bush
by Phil July 07, 2003
to be a badass and do badass stuff
richard:man that guy cleared like 7 cars on his bike when he jumped them!!
eric: yeah he is a real CLAMPITT
by jooodie sayis August 09, 2009
a male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down
God that girl/boy is so minging she really needs to work on her personality
by dolly dagger March 30, 2003
a combination of a sticker and a nigger. A stigger is a nigger that sticks. A stigger is typically a man who knocked up some black lady and after she has the baby, sticks around to help raise the child, more or less. A real and genuine stigger doesn’t just hump n’ dump.
For example:
“Hey did you hear about Jamal that didn’t bail after him and Ebony had their baby Trey Shaun?”

“Yeah, damn. Jamal is quite the stigger”
by Evangeline Ingle July 06, 2013
Ultra-cool motherfucker.
Dirty Harry; Jules Winnfield; Frank Castle.
by Loner November 17, 2003
Adjective used to describe someone who requires little intelligence for their job.
Sam got a biff job at a warehouse yesterday.
by jessemmott08 October 02, 2010
One tall shoe, often sported by spackas
"Look at the biff boot on that spacka
by joey deacon January 20, 2008
To vomit.
I straight drank to much tequilla, i have to boot!
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
Russian version of "bot", which in turn describes the act of fellatio.
Hey Ivan, how did it go last night with Olga?

It was awesome, Comrade, I spent the whole evening listening to her go 'byut'
by goody5 December 06, 2010