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Small cigar which can be the size of a cigarette to almost the size of a cigar. They're smoked like a cigar but take about the same amount of time to smoke as a cigarette and don't fuck up your lungs. They also taste a shitload better. So anyone who bashes them has no idea what they're talking about. Also, blunts are for re-rolling, not cigarillos. Long live the cigarillo.
Bob: Eh you got a cigarillo?
Ed: What are you gay? Have a cigarette like a real man.
Bob: (Pulls out glock and pistol whips Ed, lights up a cigarette, and forces him to inhale it at gunpoint. Screams YOU LIKE THAT DON'T YOU BITCH!!!! SUCK ON IT!!! SUCK ON IT!!!!! He does this for every cigarette Ed has on him until he is in a coughing fit and ready to pass out. He buys a pack of cigarillos, smokes one and shares one with Ed. He says isn't that better?)
Ed: {whimper} y-yeess
Bob: CIGARILLOS! {Empties mag into the air}
by Da Mack Dizzle February 15, 2007
Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously.
Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, sippin' his 40 and smokin' blunts.
by Loremaster September 17, 2002
What REAL men puff. That...and a pipe.
Smoke your cockarette, and look like a poor-ass. Wh' m' pi' gon'?
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely.
Pass the blunt, dude.
by AYB March 25, 2003
1) to light up a rolled up cigarette or similar instrument, usually packed with drugs, then stick it in your mouth and inhale
2) the gray debris comes out of such an instrument or any other burning
3) to kill, generally with a gun
4) to treat meat with smoke (2) for added flavor
5) to do an action that resembles smoking (1), such as sucking a fat cock
6) drugs that are smoked (1), or something to smoke, generally weed
The guy was smoking some smoke which was too much smoke next to the "No Smoking" sign, so I put down my smoked meat, told him to smoke a dick, pulled out my gun, and smoked the motherfucker.
by Nick D April 19, 2003
1. A magic wand used to conjure buses. You can stand there for an hour waiting for your bus to come, but as soon as you light up a fag, it will come round the corner, forcing you to put it out.

2. Something that non-smokers frequently manage to die of cancer without ever using.

3. Something for self-righteous but somewhat timid morons to declaim and campaign against without having to feel like they're going out on a limb.

4. A drug that makes you violent and cuts your IQ in half, damages your liver, frequently causes death on the roads and in homes, destroys careers, lives and families, and costs our country millions every year in lost productivity from people who are too sick to come in to work after using too much of it the night before. Oh no wait, that's beer.
Let's see, what shall I spend my time campaigning against? Racism? No... how about religious fundamentalism? Maybe pollution or censorship... Ah, no, I've got it! Cigarettes!
by Dave June 20, 2004
God's gift to mankind
And God saith "Let there be happiness", and there was marijuana
by what do you care June 16, 2003
A plant used for smoking
Hold this rizzla while I put in the tobacco
by Morgs January 17, 2004
a cigar that is made by the Middleton company sold in many flavors: vinnala, chocolate, apple and many others

shortened; a black
yo i just bought me a black from exxon
by SexyOne March 12, 2005
Slang term for a joint, or a blunt.
"I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch!"
by Zenhachirou May 03, 2003

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