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Thesaurus for cathryn

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for cathryn

An amazing individual who beasts at everything. She takes crap from no one and makes people laugh like there's no fucking tomorrow. Sweet most of the time but will shut a bitch up quick. Shes athletic and loves music.. and shes a sexy piece of ass as well.
Jake: dude, whos that fine girl over there?
John: you dont know!?
John: that's catherine!
by guesswho18 February 21, 2009
an angel, a princess, your boo, someone special to you, and a perfect person
you're such katherine
by Desmond Koo December 28, 2007
Quiet, but crazy, a little bit spaztic, and a whole lot of amazing.
J: "I love Kathryn, she may be a spazo, but she's fantastic."
by dontchawanna January 04, 2008
when someone doesnt mean to be a dominatrix, but they have many qualities of one. they tend to be slightly violent towards others and say many innuendos.
did you see cathryn today in class? she was such an accidental dominatrix.
by circusdork December 01, 2010
A type of underwear.

- Smaller, so when you're pantsless you look more embarrassing.
- Dissed by people who think they're cool and stuff.

- Prevents your balls from swinging around during physical activity.
I played Pump It Up wearing boxers today, and my testicles almost fell off because I wasn't wearing briefs.
by dj gs68 August 04, 2003
An extremely cute, sexy, and attractive girl with gorgeous eyes
"whose that hot girl over there?"
"her? Oh that's Cathrine!"
by love you Cathrine ;) September 02, 2013
(n) 1. a woman who practices BDSM in everyday life; a woman who controls her partner mentally and physically, usually in a sexual way. Vanilla people categorize this type of lifestyle as kinky. The Dominatrix is stereotypically pictured as wearing stilleto boots, black leather outfit, and hold a whip.

2. a woman who gets paid to control a person, usually in a sexual way.

3. female counterpart of a Dom
The Dominatrix tied her slave to the bedpost and prepared to whip his ass.
by BlackGoddess December 11, 2003
To be a "fat-Catherine, Cathy, or Cathryn" hybrid. One becomes a Fathryn by 1.)being fat and 2.)being named Cathy.
Cathy really needs to put down the Krispy Kreme donut or she will become a "Fathryn".

Q.How many Fathryn's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A.No one knows because she will eat it first.
by mzpumpkin84 August 27, 2008
1. a. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent.
b. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance

2. (informal) wonderful, delightful
McKinsey is indeed Gorgeous.
by Paris March 06, 2005
Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent. Not a popular thing to be in America these days.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003